Sunday, January 20, 2008


People...Hi. Hope everyone's having a good weekend. Mine doesn't totally suck.

So that emoness from Friday...Just forget about it. Yeah, its still bugging me, but I don't really want to talk about it, so don't ask unless you're just absolutely dying to know. And yes, its the reason that my myspace is currently all depressing and stuff. Just don't worry about it..I'll get over it soon enough. I'm completely determined to not dwell on it like I did last time.

My weekend so far has been boring. Yesterday I sulked and made Edwardgasm cookies. They have been christened Edwardgasm cookies because they are chocolate chocolate-chip cookies and they make my heart happy, just like Edward does. I have decided that I am going to make them for my friends when they're being emo, because they made me so happy. I swear, they're like magic.

Today nothing is going on. I'm only online because Mom and Dad went out and gave me computer privileges because I'm watching Ben and Josh. That's how I got on yesterday, too. Other than that, nothing is going on. If you hadn't noticed, I updated the about me on here and added a few more friend bios that I had previously forgotten to add. If you don't see your name up there with a cute little paragraph and think there should be one, let me know and I'll put it up.

So...That's all I can think to say now. I'm going to try to find another cookie recipe now and make some more. Call me at home or something. Oh, yeah. Me, Kayla, Rhiannon, and Mom are going to see Juno tomorrow. Come with? Call me at home or hit me up on myspace or on my email [] if you want to come. Talk to you later. Peace, loves.


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Esme said...

with your edwardgasm cookies and my chocolate chip cookies we could take over the world

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