Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fire and Ice

So today...I wish I could make up a word that describes today. It was so completely terrible and wonderful that I don't even know where to begin. I guess I could begin at the beginning, even though it doesn't get very interesting until Biology. So lets skip ahead to Biology.

My Biology teacher has an unnatural obsession with small furry animal sex. I'm not even kidding. Last unit we were studying genetics and she kept saying things like, "So you get a little boy bunny and a little girl bunny, and they have little bunny sex..." but it has extended to guinea pigs, and now parrots. Yeah, parrots. Parrot sex. Good mental image, huh? So she has an unnatural obsession with bird sex, too. She's a scary lady. But not nearly as terrifying as my Algebra teacher. More on that later.

History was pretty cool. We got way off topic and ended up talking about Turkish currency because Brianna found about $4000 in her notebook. No lie. She found a 10,000-Turkish whatever bill in her notebook and its worth about $4000 US cash. All I ever find in my notebook is eraser shavings. Definitely not as pleasant as $4000. Other than that, History was boring. We have a huge test tomorrow that is guaranteed to jump off the paper and kick my ass. Oh well, guess I'll just have to do really well on the paper thats due Friday. Does anyone believe that I finished it today? I seriously did. Be proud.

Activity period isn't worth mentioning, it was cold and we made inappropriate jokes. Whoop-de-freaking-do.

Algebra was AMAZING! Half-Baked (the teacher) got really ticked off at us and did that 'mellow yelling' thing. Seriously. You can tell that she's like furious, but she's saying it in a really ex-hippie mellow borderline psychotic voice, and she's smiling. She really reminds me of a serial killer. She did that for about two minutes, and Kayla, Eric, and I were sitting with tears streaming down our faces and the sleeves of our jackets stuffed in our mouths. Kayla and I had to put our heads down to keep ourselves from laughing out loud. Eric did laugh out loud, which made me laugh out loud a little bit, which made it all funnier. After that Half-Baked left the room for a few minutes and when she got back she was writing something with a really scary look on her face. Kayla and I think she was putting us in her burn book, like in 'Mean Girls'. Man, it would be SO cool if all the girls at Karns got in a huge fight like in that movie.

Lunch was uneventful. I sat with Eric, Shaine, and Ben because at that point Emily was still mad at me, but it was kind of fun. Boys are gross, though. I'm glad I have girlfriends at school. We went upstairs before the bell and hung out in the locker bay. Ben stole one of my stripper shoes and I almost beat him to death with the other one. He took it like a man, though. He only cried a little.

Back to Algebra. I realized that I really should have paid more attention in third grade when we were learning times tables, because factoring is a pain in the ass if you aren't good at multiplication. Cortney and I took turns poking Eric, and then we took a picture. After that I abandoned all hope of finishing my work and helped Kayla find Forks on a map. We found it and jumped up and down a little. It was awesome!

Then to gym...Fun? I was sick of Emily being mad at me so I wrote her an apology on the wall in the locker room. Instant forgiveness. If its still there tomorrow I'll take a picture. One of the other Emily's, Kelly, Lindsey and I all wore pajamas for gym. It was awesome. We've decided to make every Wednesday and Friday PJ day in Gym, 'cause we're cool like that. I wore my pajamas home, 'cause I'm supercool like that.

After school was...interesting, and that is all that will be said. I'm sure Scott has told the entire Western hemisphere by now..

Nothing particularly interesting happened when I got home. Some drama aftershock and I worked on putting together the 'New Moon' playlist. I got all but seven songs, so I consider it a success. Stephenie Meyer is awesome. Seriously. Not only is she one of the greatest writers ever, she has great taste in music.

So I suppose that's about all, just a few random blogables real quick:
~When I was on the bus today like three people asked what my name is. Weird!
~Rhiannon has taken a vow of silence. Don't really know why..
~That's all!


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omg, when u blooged bout the algebra yelling i laugehd so hard omg. then my nephew started laughing and i figured out why go to my blog an read it

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