Tuesday, November 27, 2007


"I'm obsessed with him, is there a word for that?"


I love making up words.

Stalkerism's only meaning at this moment is Laura's obsession with her ex boyfriend, but I believe that stalkerism will be the area of expertise of Kayla and myself very soon. We're just special like that. We stalked some random hot guy at lunch today. It was amazing.

So my day: Boring yet exhilarating. All of my days seem to be that way recently. Odd. Anyhow..

Biology = Practice Gateway tests and boredom.

History = More notes on Islam and boredom.

Activity Period (aka the 15 minutes after second block when they tell everyone to walk around.) = Some drama, minute confession, slap fights, discovery of a very interesting corner. (Only Scott knows what I'm talking about.)

Algebra = I actually understood it. Amazing. Obsessed over Twilight with Kayla. What else is new?

Lunch = Talked to everyone. Don't remember what I said. It was probably hilarious.

Gym = Emily's mad at me. Oops. < /sarcasm > Coach Creepy is showing undeniable favoritism towards the blonds. I hate him. And them. Blonds only have more fun because pervy guys start staring and let them do whatever they want. More confessions.

Sorry I'm being so boring. I really don't get it. Tons of stuff happened today, but it felt like just a boring day. I had a whole list of blogables, too. (Yes, another made up word. A blogable is something that I see during the day that I want to blog about.)

I had a very Carrie Bradshaw moment today. You know, the "I couldn't help but wonder..." I'll try to work it into a suitable article and post it, no promises, though.

So I finally finished 'Eclipse' last night. It was amazing, but that was expected. I forgot to breathe a few times. That was expected, also. I loved it. I'd heard snippets from a few people -including "Edward nearly rapes Bella" from Kayla and "You won't want to wait for the next one" from Lindsey- and I was absolutely desperate to finish it last night. Just to clarify, Edward didn't rape Bella, he was just trying to demonstrate that she should keep her hands to herself because he could kill her. lol. So yeah, the Twilight books rock. I'll finally admit it: Twilight is better than Harry Potter. ::Dodges flying pocket protectors as my nerd friends throw them::

Grr. Daddy Dearest is making me get off. Just when things were getting interesting. Oh well. I'll be back tomorrow with some more interesting stories, loves, promise. Check out the video below to keep yourselves occupied. <3



I'mBella!ILoveEdwardMore!ILoveBamMOre! said...

omh love the Free HUgs thing
we should so do that

Rhiannon McHugh said...

i wish my life was that boring...lol.

i love making up words...^.^

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