Monday, November 26, 2007

Just My Brand Of Heroin

Ah! Today was so - Blogable. Lets start at the beginning, I suppose..

Nothing happened in the beginning. There was an alarm going off at 5:30, a shower, and some leftover Algebra homework. Nothing terribly interesting. Left for school -clad in my new favorite sweater and Larua's stripper shoes- and it was raining. After making a quick comparison to the climate in Forks, Washington, I went to the bus and drove Chip crazy by singing along to my iPod.

When I got to school nothing worth mentioning happened. The bus was almost late, but I got to Biology with a few minutes to spare. Biology was a delightful surprise. My teacher lost the flash drive with our notes on it so we watched two videos. I read through both of them. The first was a generic boring film on the classification system (Kingdom, Phylum, ect.) but the second one held my attention for a few minutes.

It was about an Ebola epidemic somewhere in Africa. Like I said, it only held my attention for a few minutes. I went back to my book -'Eclipse', of course- and ended up smiling to myself as I read, and also as the narrator of the film described the horrible death endured with those who contracted the Ebola disease. I felt really bad about that for the rest of the day. I also decided that I really should only read the 'Twilight' books in the privacy of my bedroom, because, as I said before, Stephenie Meyer has a knack for making me laugh, cry, squeal, gasp, and completely forget to breathe. This would be utterly obnoxious if her characters weren't so addictive. They're just my brand of heroin. (Twilight joke, don't worry if you didn't get it.)

History was next, nothing too terribly exciting. We took notes on the spread of Islam in the 500-600's AD and concluded that Americans are Capitalist pigs. Nothing out of the ordinary. My teacher got slightly PO'd at us halfway through class because we were talking, but what did she expect? She got a group of nerds in a room with the basic structure of the Islamic faith, of course we're going to try to find loopholes to get out of Ramadan! For seriously. (Laura's phrase.) I'm not even kidding.

After History was activity period, again, nothing interesting. I walked around with Emily, Scott, Destinie, Sarah, and Veronica for a few minutes before retreating back to the classroom to read. Then I went to Algebra, and it was completely boring. For the first half of class the Crackhead went over this packet that was supposedly homework. Only thing is that it wasn't actually homework, we didn't have to turn it in and she gave us all the answers. This happens every single time I actually do my homework. So while she went over the answers I continued to read when I could, and wrote a note with Kayla (the theme was 'You Know You're Obsessed With Twilight When...' very entertaining. I'll post it sometime.) and constantly reminded Eric of his Betch status.

Halfway through Algebra we left for lunch. Same old, same old. Eric called me anorexic because I eat rice cakes, and we then concluded that if anyone's anorexic its Emily, then I got a sucker and read. Very calm. I mean, there was tons of stuff to laugh at -probably mostly Emily- but I really can't recall too much of it. Probably because I'm distracted by the book sitting downstairs that I'm almost done with.

Oh yeah, something really interesting did happen at lunch. We found, and stalked, Jacob Black. Ok, he's just a guy that Kayla and I don't know that looks just like we think Jacob Black should. We were going to take pictures, but then we remembered that we can actually be charged with stalking if we produce photographic evidence of our crime, so we settled for staring at him. He noticed, too. I don't know if that makes it more or less fun..

We got back to Algebra and did something with graphs. To be perfectly honest, I don't know what it was. Factoring, I think. That will be extremely helpful when I go to do my homework, I'm sure. I spent most of the time listening to Kayla talk about how she thinks she met a vampire at Six Flags. Not even kidding. She'll have to post that story, though, I'd probably forget the important details.

After Algebra was gym. Well, more like another reading period. I decided to forgo my gym apparel and read for the whole class. My gym teacher -who is a complete pervert, by the way- kept calling me a bookworm. I just stared at him blankly and said, "You say that like its a bad thing." When what I really wanted to say was, "Sorry to disappoint, I know you probably like them dumb. Stop looking at me you old fart." But I didn't. Sometimes I am genuinely surprised as to how I hold my tongue. I must have Cullen-like self control or something.

I saw Jon and everyone after school, and started reading again when I got on the bus. I'm truly shocked that I could do it, I usually get a monstrous headache when I read in a moving vehicle. Maybe I'm finally over that. When I got home I checked my myspace and had a snack, and quickly fled downstairs to read. I read until dinner time, then I ate and cleaned up, and now here I am.

You know that Cullen-like self control I think I have? Yeah, I have none left when it comes to this book, especially when I only have a few chapters left, so I think I'm going to have to leave you. I'll be back soon without a doubt, darlings. I'm a fast reader, and a great ranter.


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