Friday, November 23, 2007

Fred, George, and Black Friday

Heyy everyone! Hope you had a brilliant Black Friday, I know I did! But more on that later.

So my bestest Algebra buddy Kayla named her conscience George, affectionately known as Georgie. Well, I have followed suit. Henceforth, my conscience shall be christened Fred. Now if you understand the logic behind this choice, go ahead and have yourself a little chuckle. If you don't understand, just sit there and look pretty. I'll give you a hint, its the same logic behind naming my cats Mrs. Norris and Crookshanks.

FINE! Its from Harry Potter. Fred and George are the Weasley twins that are always causing trouble, and I just thought it was fitting. Now, as everyone should know, Fred was tragically murdered in the final battle against Voldemort and the death eaters at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Let us have a brief moment of silence to mark the passing of our dear departed -er- fictional character.

So Fred and I are just here hanging out now. We had a great day along with Mom. We got started around 4:45 this morning. Mom came into my room and just started babbling until I woke up. We were out the door at about 5:30 and on our way to Turkey Creek, ie. basically an insanely huge shopping center. As you can see from the list on that website, I mean insanely huge. There were tons of people there. When we arrived we planned to go to Target first, but the line to get into Target went down the sidewalk past at least six large stores and meshed into the line for Wal Mart.

We ended up going to Old Navy first, which wasn't nearly as terrible as we thought it would be. Only downside was I saw my sixth grade English teacher. I didn't talk to her, but, of course, I texted Caitlin, who proceeded to remind me that we hate our sixth grade English teacher with a passion.

Long story short, in sixth grade Caitlin and I were both amateur writers and we were just beginning to learn how to express ourselves. We wrote poetry and stories that our superprep classmates and Barbie-doll wannabe guidance counselor decided was 'morbid' and our English teacher got in the middle of all of it. She accused us of being spoiled attention-seekers and basically ruined our sixth grade year, which really sucked especially for me because I had amazing friends in sixth grade that I had to leave the following year, and I wish now that I had been able to spend more drama-free time with them.

So back to the shopping. After Old Navy we got to Target, got some coffee, did some Christmas shopping, went to Wal Mart, did some Christmas Shopping, and then went to Pier 1, but they were closed, so we went to Borders. AND I FINALLY GOT 'ECLIPSE'! Seriously, you have no idea how happy this makes me. It has been out of the library for two weeks and it has been driving me crazy[-er than normal] not reading it. Seriously, the level of commitment to my three loyal readers is amazing, because I really should be reading right now. After the happy happy experience at Borders we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and then lunch at Panera at 10:something in the morning, but we had been going since 4:45.

After that we hit Aeropostale and went to the mall. It was absolutely completely insane. We got makeup and a few other things and got out as fast as we could. On the way home we thought long and hard, and concluded that all of our Thanksgiving calories were burned. Fred agrees.

After all of our shopping adventures we were exhausted. Fred fell asleep before me and for once I didn't have a voice in my head talking to me. I fell asleep on the couch watching What Not To Wear without even trying to determine Clinton's mysterious orientation. A definite first.

When I woke up I ate dinner and then got on here and began recording my Black Friday saga. Unfortunately, my soulless father (just kidding) kicked me off the computer around nine and I couldn't finish. Once I was kicked off, I did laundry and watched What Not To Wear (it was a marathon) until ten when Stacy London's new talk show premiered. I watched it and giggled a little, and then concluded that she is a conceited bitch. She is a person much like Tyra Banks (whom I also despise) who makes a living making people pretty so they will fit into her world. I now pretty much hate her, but, of course, I will be watching Fashionably Late next Friday at 10 on TLC.

And finally, finally, finally, after all this, I began to read 'Eclipse'. I promised myself I would only read three chapters, and technically I did. I read four chapters, but I had already read the first chapter in the advanced reader's edition of 'New Moon'. I had to reread it, though, because I had read all of the 'New Moon' extras on Stephenie Meyer's website since then and I couldn't really remember what actually happened. So far, I love it. These amazing books are still making me laugh, cry, gasp, and forget to breathe. Well, I haven't cried yet, but I probably will. I did in the last one.


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