Saturday, December 1, 2007

Catching Up

Heyy everyone. Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I was totally going to, but then Dad kicked me off the computer and I went downstairs to talk to Laura and then watch 'Fashionably Late'. I fell asleep halfway through it and slept for fourteen hours. I'm glad I did, though. I feel like I've made up for the five hours a night of sleep I got all week. So here's a superblog (another new word. I should start making a list.) for you.

Yesterday = amazing.

I spent all of Biology going over some practice Gateway test and then texting Mom. I had to ask her if the word 'blastula' sounded dirty to her. (My spell checker is telling me that 'blastula' isn't a word, but it is. It was in my Biology book and everything.) Other than that it was boring. My teacher tried to stress the importance of the Gateway exam, because apparently knowing you have to pass it to get out of high school isn't enough incentive to show up. I'm not too worried, though. Even if I get a zero on the test I'll have an eighty one in the class, which is passing. I won't get a zero, though. I'm too nerdy for that.

History was stressful. It started with turning in my paper, that I was extremely proud of, and then getting back the rough draft that my teacher had been nice enough to look over for me -which I had forgotten to pick up Thursday afternoon- with mistakes pointed out all over it. Then we got our grade sheets for the unit we had just finished, and my grade was like a 'D' because she had never given me my makeup work from when I was sick a few weeks ago. That was more fun than, well, dying. After that we discussed Napoleon's height and debated the self esteem issues of Pepin the Short. We concluded that his self esteem couldn't possibly be as bad as Charles the Bald's.

Algebra was hilarious. It started with Kayla spilling Dr. Pepper all over the floor and ended with me and Kayla seeing beavers and Emmett Cullen in our suckers. In between we tried to keep straight faces while Half Baked acted like the ex-hippie she is. I'm SO glad that Kayla and I have that class together, she is SOOOOO much fun! We have Honors English and Art together next semester. I totally pity our teachers..

Lunch was awesomely awesome. Kayla sat with Eric, Ben, Shaine and me and we planned our road trip. Kayla has been planning to go on a road trip since before I met her, and when we found out that Forks is a real place I invited myself to go with her as long as we make a stop there. So now our list of stops we must make includes Forks, Canada, and some other places that I forgot. Anyhow, we've decided that after we graduate on almost the last day of school (this will be in 2011) of our senior year, we're going to run through the hallways of the school in bikinis and then run out the doors to our hippie van in which Eric will be waiting to drive us away from Karns and on to the rest of our lives. Well, we'll probably stop at Sonic first, but after that we will head onward to Forks and the rest of our lives. We also decided that we're all going to go to Mardi Gras on Spring Break our senior year. I'm thinking that our Senior year will be awesome, that is, if Half Baked doesn't kill us first.

Gym was boring. Coach Creepy has an odd obsession with randomly saying my name. It really ticks me off. He'll randomly be like, "Helen Rose." Except he says it weird like, "Helen Rooooooose." You know, like, "Its levioooosa not leviosaaa." So he did this while we were outside. He was like, "Helen Roooooose." And I was like, "Coach Calineau. See? It works both ways, I can say your name, too." Everyone found that very amusing, but what else is new? I'm a very amusing person.

After school I hung out with Scott, Emily, Rhiannon and everyone and took pictures until my bus came. My phone was being ubergay, though, and I could only take a few. These are my favorites: pic one, pic two.

When I got home I wasted about four hours online. I talked to Shaine, Scott, Emily, and a ton of other people. Scott send me some hilarious Harry Potter icons:
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After a while Laura called and we talked for two hours about nothing. I went downstairs to watch 'Fashionably Late' and fell asleep right before the segment about mustaches. Great fun. lol. I woke up at about three and turned the TV off and went back to sleep until twelve thirty this morning.

When I woke up I had a message from the people I babysit for, and after a little bit of phone tag I talked to them and I'm babysitting tomorrow. So naturally, I'll be shopping on Saturday. Anyone want to come with? Me and Laura want to hit the mall and see a movie.

After that I just hung out online for hours. No one was on from like noon to two, so I was extremely bored. Dad got home from the Oak Ridge parade around three and kicked me off the computer, so I just hung out. I texted Emily to see if she could come over. She asked me over to her house instead, so that's where I am now. So far we have hung out and talked about boys, had a few giggle fits, and recorded two videos of Emily laughing her ass off. I've posted them on YouTube and I'll put them up at the end of this post. She says she's going to hate me forever if they're actually on there, but I think she'll get over it.

So that's the past two days for me. Pretty interesting, I think. I'll definitely post the rest of my and Emily's craziness tomorrow, but for now I think we're going to listen to music and just chillax for a bit. Peace, loves.


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