Saturday, December 29, 2007

Guest Blog by Laura!

Heyy everyone! I'm being incredibly lazy today, so I asked Laura to write a guest blog for me. Pretty cool, huh? I know you want to write one, too. If you actually do, write it and email it to me at I'll post it when I'm being lazy. Haha. Be sure to tell me who you are and keep it relatively PG-13 (Eric) my dad reads this..

So enjoy and leave lots of feedback. I'll try to write something original tomorrow. Peace, loves.



‘Ello betches!!! Laura here. I’m writing a guest blog for Helen so here it goes. I woke up this morning realizing that I was leaving for Gatlinburg, ick. So I’m in the car driving, driving, driving, and we finally get to the hotel. So far I have counted 3 hot guys, and I stalked one while I was on the phone with Helen, I love that betch! Anyways so I’m stalking the guy and he disappears. So I try to find him and there he is in a corner all huddled up with his hood on! he was hiding from me or something. But I couldn’t imagine why. Haha, so anyways today I got really bored so I decided to ride all the way to the top floor and back down in the elevator while dancing. And I was doing the Macarena and the Twist when an old couple came in and started giving me weird looks.


But as I was saying, it was fun. Tomorrow I’m going to watch dancing singing bears while I eat lunch. Sounds fun, right? Not. Well I have nothing else to say. Peace out my minions.

Weird Voice: Yes you do have more to say!

Me: Uhh…No I don’t, who the hell are you?

Weird Voice:I’m your conscience.

Me: Yeah suuuree. I don’t have a conscience.

Conscience: Yes you do!!! If you don’t have a conscience who am I?

Me: You’re Billy, idiot

Conscience: Billy? who is this Billy you speak of? Huh, huh? I wanna know TELL MEEEE!!

Me: Shut up, Billy, god damnitt I’m trying to type!

Conscience: Watcha typin??

Me: If you’re my conscience shouldn’t you know?

Conscience: But I’m Billy!

Me: Hold on a sec, Billy.

Conscience: Okay!! ladedadeda…hey Laura? whats that shiny thing? is that a… GUN!!?? Laura what AREEE you doing!! Oh MY GAHHH!!!!!

Me: Shut up and go to bed, Billy. It’s a damn pen stupid…
Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?!



Big E said...

HAHA wow u think im gonna be my normal self and send u some crap who do u think i am

the one....the only.....Shawn said...

well that is a wonderful idea to pass off laziness as creativity, but nice try.

and o yeah! i went to gatlinburg a day or two ago, and this wierd girl started following me while she was talking on the phone....i went in a corner to put my hood up and hide, but she wouldnt leave! D:

(and my consience's name is Barfolomule, not billy)

~Kaila~ the pimpinest said...

whoas helen
that is fetchingly crazy.
i adore it.
(I'm trying to use big words when i type, but right now... i don't think i'm making much sense)
but who cares?
have a happy new years!!
tell kayla not to "spill coke" everywhere and ruin your carpet when the ball drops.

Anonymous said...

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