Saturday, December 29, 2007


This is going to be short, but I absolutely have to post the thought running through my mind right now::

It is most definitely a good night when you:
-Create an amazing new (and slightly gluttonous) snack.
-Realize that you had one more best friend than you thought all along.
-Assign porn star names to your friends, and get one of your own. (^_^ I'm Helen the Emo Virgin.)
-Spend lots of time debating your sanity with an old best friend.
-Decide you can completely get over something you've been dwelling on for months simply because he knows.
-Smile nonstop for two hours.


That's all for now. I'll elaborate soon. Peace, loves.



LueBearSaysHii said...

I want a pornstar name...


shawn..... said...

See!! This was the perfect oppurtunity to "accidentally" slip my name into the blog, no one would notice, but i would know! You could have just made up a porno name for me or something!!!!

You could probably guess it. said...

Shawn, you really want your name in here, don't you? XD

Otherwise, I'm just waiting to see the elaboration.....

good blog though.

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