Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hook Me Up

Hello loves! How's it going? Today was pretty much boring. What else is new? Its ridiculous. Thousands of completely hilarious things happen during the day, yet it feels like nothing happened. Maybe I'm going crazy...Oh wait...

So here's my day. Biology was absofreakinglutely (another new word, I'm going to get started on that dictionary soon) hilarious. It started with ten minutes of Gateway review and concluded with an insane extension of my teacher's obsession with animal sex. We watched a whole video on it. I had no idea what was going on for the first half because I was working on my Algebra homework, but when I looked up the tortoises were getting busy. It was completely disturbing because they looked like robots or something. It reminded me of the Kraken from Clash of the Titans, like really bad animation. It was insane. And then we got to the part about the wolves, that was part creepy and part hilarious. After the video I decided that I am very thankful that Scott isn't in my Biology class. He would have been like bow chicka bow wow the whole time, and that gets annoying after a while.

I went to take the Biology Gateway second block. The classroom was freezing and the teacher giving us the test was mean. It was pretty easy since we've been reviewing for the last two weeks, but there were a few that I'm not sure I got. I'm sure I passed, though. After I finished I spent the rest of the time drawing on the test booklet. After I left I remembered that I can't draw and whoever sees that is going to think I'm crazy without even meeting me. Not cool, man. I'd rather people meet me before concluding that I'm a basket case. Whoever sees it is also going to be wondering who Edward Cullen is, and why I'm so in love with him.

Algebra was lame. Kayla was pissed off because Beth was being stupid and I'm still trying to talk her out of getting in a fight. (K, I know you're reading this, PLEASE don't kill her. I really don't want to have to visit you in jail, and I have no idea how we'll smuggle Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun in.) Other than that it was fun. We only had a little bit of work and we spent most of the time talking and dodging Eric's booberang. (Ask him to explain that one.)

Lunch was uneventful. I'm still in awe of the crazy disgusting things boys talk about when they're alone. Its pretty fun, though, even if I did spend the whole time with my jacket zipped up to my neck.

I totally loved gym today. Not only were we playing volleyball -ie the only sport that I actually enjoy and am kind of ok at- but Ashlie's still mad at me, and its hilarious. She's trying to turn all of my friends against me like we're in second grade or something and she was screaming that I'm a terrible person and she hates me with a passion and she's never hated someone in her life so much, yadda yadda yadda. It was pretty funny. All of this because I called her self-centered. Clearly, that was a mistake. An understatement, actually. Somehow she believes that she is the center of the whole freaking universe and that everyone wants to listen to her whine. Everyone was laughing at her, including me. I didn't say anything about her, though. I don't talk about people, even if they are talking about me. The good part of all of this -other than the free entertainment, of course- was that Emily finally caught onto the fact that Ashlie has been manipulating her. Emily stuck with me and Kelly and Ashlie was stunned. It was terribly amusing.

After school I hung out with everyone like usual. My bus was kind of late so I was forced to hang out with Scott for a while, gag. Just kidding. I love Scottie. (Even though I'm pretty sure he hates the adorable nickname I gave him.)

When I got home I got online and had some coffee and chillaxed. I redesigned my myspace and talked to some people. After dinner Josh wanted me to watch the laundry with him. Yes, I typed that correctly. He wanted to watch the laundry spin in the washing machine so he would get dizzy. It was awesome. He's a pretty cool little kid. We took a cool picture and a video. I'll post the video at the end of this. We didn't get dizzy, but it was still pretty fun. Josh wants to be Edward. I'm serious. I love that kid.

Now I'm just hanging out. Dad's about to kick me off, so I guess I should get going. Peace, loves.


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