Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hey everyone! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, but trust me, nothing really great happened. I'll try to make it brief.

Biology was boring. I spent the first half of the class taking a practice Gateway test and the other half listening to my iPod and trying not to fall asleep. After Biology I went to go take the Algebra Gateway. It was pretty easy, but it was kind of hard to pay attention to the test when the parabola questions came up. (Click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about.) After I finished the test I read Jane Eyre. Gag. Charlotte Brontë must have been a very tortured woman.

After that I went to Algebra. We talked and got yelled at until lunch. Lunch was interesting. It started with me wondering how I ended up as one of the guys, and ended with one of my friends who hasn't talked to me in a month randomly talking to me. It freaked me out a bit, to be perfectly honest. I was completely content with him ignoring me, but whatever. Maybe I'll let Eric sit on him or something. After the weirdness I went back to Algebra and talked, even though Half Baked gave us an assignment. Whatever. Thank God there are only three more weeks in that class. I don't think I could take much more than that.

Then to Gym, where I sat out and watched. It was boring. Coach Creepy was all, "Helen Rooooooooooooooose. You're my heartthrob, Helen Roooooooooose." Ugh, disturbing much? I totally hate him. After Gym I went outside and hung out with Scott and everyone. Me, Scott, and Emily took some pictures. (Pic 1, pic 2.) I think we look like vampires in the second one.. When I got home I was online for like ten seconds and then we went to my grandparents' house for my cousin Parker's birthday. Nothing truly interesting to report there. We hung out and most of the little kids ended up with cake on their faces. When we got home my parents wouldn't let me online, so I went downstairs and watched a rerun of House and then the new SVU and went to sleep. Very interesting day, huh?

Today wasn't much more interesting.

In Biology we went over the practice test we took yesterday. I spend most of the time finishing my History homework. My Biology teacher's obsession with animal sex continues. Today it was clown fish sex. That's right. Clown fish. Like Nemo. (Gahh, I love that movie.) That chick is just odd. The Biology Gateway is tomorrow. Gag. Not only is it another huge scary test, its another day of History -ie my hardest class- that I'll miss. Its ridiculous.

History was hilarious. Matt took Scott's seat and I had to beat him up. It didn't work, so Scott sat in Katharine's seat and annoyed me. We took notes on the Medieval church the whole time. We were talking about the popes and stuff, and someone asked if there had ever been a female pope. There actually has. She dressed up as a man and was the pope for a few years. Then Seth was like, "Well how come no one noticed? Its got to be hard to dress up like a man." And I came back with, "It can't be that hard, Scott does it." It was absolutely hilarious. Even my teacher thought so. After notes we were supposed to be working on our unit definitions and stuff, but we spent pretty much the whole time talking about the weird nerdy hand gesture from Star Trek. It was the nerdiest thing since Seth said "Lets Spock it up" last week. After that we spent the rest of the class talking about Harry Potter and deciding who would be in which house. Scottie's in Hufflepuff and I'm in Ravenclaw. We're so hardfreakingcore. (Another new word. I'm going to start writing a dictionary.)

Algebra was boring. We were supposed to be finishing the assignment that we started yesterday, but we just spent the whole time talking. At the beginning of class I put on Eric's sweatshirt. It was like a dress and a comforter all in one. It was really cozy, but it smelled weird, so I took it off. lol. I kind of wish we had gotten a picture. I would have, but Abbey and Alexis had my phone all through class. They're hating on someone...I should demand details.

Lunch was funnn. Well, for Eric, Shaine, Ben, and the other guys. Kayla and I just felt violated. All the guys decided that it would be fun to try to throw things down our shirts, so they tried all through lunch. They didn't succeed. We're too awesome to let that happen. Darrel told me that some chuck is talking about me. Apparently she hates me because I wear stripper shoes with socks and she hates my hair. News flash: I hate my hair, too. People like that really bug me, though. Its like their own lives are so boring and pathetic that they feel like they have to talk about other people for something to do. Damn. Take piano lessons or something.

During lunch I saw Emily B. coming into the commons, so I ran up to her and did the really over exaggerated "OMG I haven't seen you in 20 years" (even though I actually saw you this morning) hug thing that we always do. She gives the best hugs in the world, I mean it. They're freaking amazing. Anyhow, we were doing this, and the evil teacher that sits outside the girls' bathroom during third lunch was like "Ok, girls, that's enough." What the heck?!?!?!? I can't hug my friends? When did that happen? I think she's just bitter because she wishes a cute girl like Emily would hug her like that.

After that minor drama Eric and everyone wanted to go walk around and hang out upstairs, but I didn't, so they were going to leave me with Emily W. and Sarah, until someone suggested that Eric pick me up. Not cool, man. He did it and started to walk out of the commons, but I started screaming so he put me down. Ha! I win. Then the bell rang and we went upstairs. We hung out until we were almost late, and then went back to class.

We actually did some of the assignment, but mostly I drew on my notebook and Kayla and I tried to see things in our suckers again. Mine was a squirrel and hers was a heart. Completely adorable. I would have taken a picture, but someone still had my phone, so I couldn't. Whatev. I'll take one tomorrow.

Gym was gay with a capital B. I was like strangely emo for some reason and Coach Creepy wouldn't let me play volleyball because I forgot my gym pants. So I sat out with all of the other PO'd girls that he made sit out. Sexist pig. He never makes the guys sit out. I hate him. I hope he gets a papercut. So while all this was happening I was talking to Kelly and Emily about that chick that was talking about me, and Ashlie ran up and was all "Are you talking about me?!" and I said, "Wow. You're the most self-centered person I've ever met." (Which isn't actually true, Shayne is the most self-centered person I've ever met, but Ashlie was definitely the most self-centered person in the gym.) So now Ashlie is all pissed off at me. Whatever. She's a manipulative self-centered witch. (Yeah, my mom said I can't swear on here anymore, so just use your imagination.) She gets mad at me over something stupid every two weeks like clockwork and then tries to turn Emily against me. Its really immature, so I just let it blow over and hang out with Destinie. Its actually kind of amusing now that I think about it.

After school I hung out with Scott and everyone. It was absolutely freezing and no one got arrested today, so it was kind of boring. The bus ride was pure torture. Some idiot had their window down and it was like freaking Antarctica. It totally sucked. I listened to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and fell asleep. lol. I have to admit, though, the last song from "Don't You Fake It" still depresses me. Maybe one day I'll get over all of that drama. Its old news, but it still bugs me sometimes.

When I got home I got online and I haven't been off since. I have a problem. Everyone should start sending me contact information for support groups or internet rehab or something. If you could find an Edward Cullen recovery program while you're at it, that would be pretty cool.

So now I'm listening to The Veronicas and contemplating buying their new album with my allowance tomorrow. Seriously, they are so definitely on my top five favorite bands/artists. The other four are The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, U2, Avril Lavigne, and Nickelback. I listen to just about everything, though. Everything buy whiny country, that is.

I think that's about it. I might post a story I'm working on later, but I don't know if I really want to make that public quite yet. Maybe I'll post it on my myspace blog. I'll figure it out. I'm still working on my Carrie Bradshaw epiphany, but I probably won't finish it until after finals and everything. Stay tuned. Peace, loves.


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Emily_B said...

Hey! I'm kind of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, and I just read your blog and I think it's pretty awesome! Your anecdotes are HILARIOUS. The insiders you have are to funny! Good stuff ya got here.

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