Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hello and Welcome!

Heyy people, welcome to my blog. My whole reason for doing this is to post all of the crazy randomness that my friends and I experience daily, so here it goes. For my first post, I have transcribed a note between me and Kayla today in Algebra so you can see the kind of craziness you're becoming associated with by reading this Enjoy.


Pink = Me

Green = Kayla

I think the Crackhead has gone delusional – she thinks we care!

The clock says 44 pi!

Life is fractions!

Amen sister friend. LOL. She probably messed up the board while she was high.

LOL probably.

Now what did you say a minute ago?

I don’t remember. LOL. Probably something mean…

No, something about Crackhead.

Oh – I said she was like giving you evil death stares. LOL.

LOL. She just did it again a sec ago. LOL. She hates me.

Nu-uh! She hates me more! LOL. At least I’m pretending to pay attention. =p

Yeah well I just don’t give a shit. Seriously, when am I going to use “parabola”? In bed? LOL.

ROFL. I told u it sounded dirty. I bet porn would come up if we Googled it.

LOL probably. With videos titled “Me and my customer for the night try parabola!”

ROFL. From 44 pi productions!

ROFL. Wow, we’re hilarious.

OMG! A scene in Twilight movie: “Bella and Edward try parabola! (Edward’s an expert on this)”

Instead of Biology class, it’s Algebra! With Crackhead!


Yeah! Dude that would be awesome. I can hear it now:

Bella: “Yeah, we need to work on parabola tonight.”

Edward: “Yeah, you really need help.”

Bella: “Good thing you’re an expert!”

Mike Newton: (under his breath in disgust) “Isn’t that kinky. Please, we don’t need to hear about your sex life!”

Me and you in audience: (Roaring with laughter.)

*Later that night, Bella and Edward are in her kitchen.*

Bella: “Oh Edward! Look at that parabola, it’s SO amazing! Do more!”

Edward: “I told you I was an expert – oh shit.”

Bella: “What?”

Edward: “Charlie’s coming.”

Charlie: “What the hell are you two doing in here?”

Bella: “Just our algebra homework, gosh.”

~LOLZ. That was gai, but whatev.

OMG that’s hilarious!

{Nest day Charlie calls Billy}

(On phone) Charlie: “Yeah, I don’t know what those two kids are up to. Algebra I think.

(From Bella’s room) Bella: Oh Edward! I love parabola, more!”

(From Bella’s room) Edward: Well ok!

(On phone) Billy: “Oh yeah, that sounds like homework.”

(In background of phone call) Jacob: “What’s the bloodsucker doing now?”

(Thinking) Edward: “That dog.”

*A battle ensues between the vampires and dogs. [Haha, I used Edward’s word] over parabola.*

And, of course, Edward is triumphant and the dogs retreat to Antarctica. And then Edward goes back to Bella’s parabola.

OMG we’re hilarious.

Dude, if my mom found these notes: “Kayla! Why are you talking about parabola?!”

ROFL! We are hilarious. I want to post all of our randomness on my blog.

Haha! Dude, people would be like ‘you sure they’re not high and their teacher is?!’

LOL. We probably are high…Inside with the square? WTF are they doing INSIDE? Messing with each other’s parabolas?

OMG did you hear her? “It’ll do the opposite of what you think” What?! So…What the hell.

I know, right? She is soooo stoned.

Dude – I just realized that next semester not only will we be out naturally crazy selves, we’ll be crazy with paint fumes!

OMG! Yay! Dude I was banned from paint at my middle school.

ROFL. What did you do?

Haha paint in the mornings, walk around with “face paint” for the rest of the day. Usually with “offensive material” on my cheek. LOL.

ROFL. U had parabolas on your cheeks.

LOL. OMG we could do that next year. Paint ‘parabola’ across our faces.

ROFL. Parabolas should be the Hardin Valley mascots!

LOL that would be awesome!

Eric’s not beat beat-boxing – it’s his response to him touching his parabola

Dude- WTF was that noise? His parabola’s on the fritz.

LOL. Wooow.


I'mBella!ILoveEdwardMore!ILoveBamMOre! said...

omg helen we're fruckin awesome.

I'mBella!ILoveEdwardMore!ILoveBamMOre! said...

ok seriously i googled parabola and got lkike mythical shiz. wooowww

Bella said...

wow i love this post

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