Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hot 'n Ready

"Helen, the pizza box says 'hot 'n ready'"

And that is the beginning of my day. I firmly believe that today is going to be amazing, that is, if the past week is any indication. Honest to Oprah, (more on my 'Oprah is God' theory later) this past week has been amazing. Seriously, I haven't been so absolutely completely content with every part of my life since I was like five. But enough sap, let us get on with our hilarity.

Today is going to be awesome. Its only a half day of school before the Thanksgiving holiday, and I only have to go to Biology and Honors History, and then there is an in school wrestling match. Now, while usually the thought of any mandatory sporting event would make me want to claw my eyes out, this one will probably be interesting. Not only will I get to hang out with Jonathan, the idea of sitting next to my crazy pervert friend Scott while two guys in tight shorts jump on each other is bound to be entertaining.

Got to leave for school now..I'll be back around one with a recap of my day. I'll try to take pictures. There will also be tons of updates including pictures and family/friend bios so everyone knows who I'm ranting about and what names to put on the restraining orders. =p


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