Monday, December 3, 2007


Green = Kayla
Pink = Helen

Guess what!

Edward's leaving Bella for us?!?!

He's on his flight now. He didn't feel like running.

I love us. We decided that we have no issues sharing him as long as we both get him. I pointed out that he could have run superfast because he wouldn't be carrying Bella's emotional baggage, but then I felt bad. I love Bella almost as much as I love Edward.

So my day was AMAZING!

It started with me getting off the bus and Kayla running up to me and making me finish her Full Throttle. We're not allowed to take energy drinks into school and she'd already had like ten so she decided to take me down with her. I was buzzing all through Biology. That kind of sucks, because usually I depend on the calmdown that Bio provides to be able to survive History without pissing all over myself. No such luck today. I didn't piss myself, but I was extra giggly.

Bio was hilarious. We classified fish lures. I'm not even joking. We started class by using a Dichotomous key to classify spiders, and then my teacher gave out bags of fish lures and told us to make our own key. We had to describe and name each of the lures, and then set up the key. My lures are named Bob, John, Maud, Brad, Angelina, Claire, George, Luke, Lorelai, and Marty. Still not kidding. My lab partner likes Gilmore Girls, too, which I found out when she named the gray minnow-looking thing Luke, so thats the reasoning behind Luke, Lorelai, and Marty.

History was awesome. We discussed Medieval Europe, which means we discussed Monty Python. The topics of the bubonic plague and where to turn in applications to be the guy that pushed around the cart with all the dead bodies also came up. And, of course, an inevitable bow chicka bow wow from Scott when the notes mentioned the increase of illegitimate children in Medieval towns. Great fun.

Algebra was so freaking amazing that I don't think there are words to describe it. I'll try, though. Kayla and I were both extremely hyper. I don't know how we stayed quiet through the practice Gateway test. (Oh yeah, that reminds me, we're taking the Algebra Gateway tomorrow. Scary much? Everyone says its really easy. I'm not concerned with the actual test so much as I am getting through it without cracking up. Kayla, Eric, Ben, and I will be in the same room, so there is a very good chance that I will crack up.) So anyhow we somehow remained quiet, and then we went to lunch.

We all sit together now with Shaine and some other guys. Kayla and I are the only girls, but its ok because its really funny listening to the perverted things that guys talk about when there are no girls around. Well, Kayla and I are there, but we're two of the guys now. Pretty sweet, eh? Anyhow, everyone was throwing food at each other all through lunch, and some geek threw a cucumber at me. And he made an inappropriate comment about my chest that I didn't hear but it made Shaine go "OWNED!" so it was probably really gross. Shaine and Eric wouldn't let me kill him. It was really mean. I kept trying to get to him so I could steal his pocket protector or something and Shaine and Eric were like dragging me out of the cafeteria. I hate being weak. They could have picked me up if they had wanted to. I mean, I love being picked up, but not when it gets in the way of murdering perverted cucumber throwers.

So instead of murdering Cory we went upstairs and hung up until the bell, and a little bit after the bell. Kayla and I hopped all the way down the hall. And Ben and Eric played leap frog and Eric got a facefull of Ben's butt. It was lovely.

The rest of Algebra basically consisted of me and Kayla talking about Edward, trying to see things in our suckers again, and making up a drinking game. Every time Half Baked gives us a death stare -which is about 10 times each per class- we take a shot. I don't think it would be very effective, though, considering we already act drunk most of the time. Oh well. Its something fun to do other than making fun of Eric's parabola.

Gym was gay, as always. We were playing basketball -gag- so Kelly, Emily, and I went to 'run stairs' (which Coach Creepy was totally ok with, even though I'm pretty sure he knew we were just goofing off in the stairwell.) When we were done with that we played dodgeball, which also sucked. I seriously hate gym. We have to take a written gym final in like two weeks, I'm totally going to fail. We have to know the rules of flag football and all the other games we've played. Well, the other games I've watched everyone else play.

After school I hung out with Scott, Emily B., Rhiannon, Shaine, Cassie, Nichole, and everyone else. Didn't take any good pictures, though. While I was trying to get one with Scott, Rhiannon commented that our kids would be messed up Twilight/Halo/Harry Potter obsessed nerds. I told her that I already feel sorry for them even though they'll never exist. That would include me hooking up with Scott, which would include hell freezing over, which I don't see happening anytime soon.

When I got home I went straight for the iced coffee and myspace. Of course. I made a Veronicas playlist for my profile. I'm very proud of myself. I love the Veronicas. They're a two girl band out of Australia that no one has ever heard of. They're totally awesome, though. Go to my myspace and check out the playlist. Its awesome.

While I was online earlier I got the best early Christmas present ever. Scott put me on Wikipedia! They deleted it after like five minutes, but he got a screenshot so I have proof. Its really hard to read, but it says:
"Helen Elise Rose::The most beautiful and amazing girl ever::She currently attends Karns High School::She loves RENT, Harry Potter, and Twilight::Merry Christmas, Baby::Love you bunches!"
Yeah, I might have to marry him. Damn.

It was really awesome, because for a while he and Rhiannon were fighting over who got to put me on Wikipedia. I caught it all in in this status/mood conversation. Before you read it, though, understand that the first one is a quote from 'Let Me Borrow That Top' by Liam Kyle Sullivan. AKA Kelly, AKA the inventor of 'betch'. Anyhow, they were fighting over me because I decided that whoever got it up first gets me for Christmas. Scott won. Please pray for my soul.

Other than that not too much is going on. I still have to finish my Biology homework and oh yeah, that sleeping thing...Whatever. Its only 8:35. Thats all for now, I guess. Peace, loves.


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