Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hyper Music

..."You wanted for more than I was worth
And you think I was scared
And you needed proof
Who really cares anymore?
Who restrains?

You know I don't love you and I never did
I don't want you and I never will..."

-Muse, Hyper Music

Totally for seriously in love with that band right now. I just finished putting together my Muse playlist, which I would love to be listening to right now, but the dimwits at are having some server errors or something, so I can't get to it. (In the immortal words of Gregory House: "You idiots!") Click here to see my translation of their error message. Hahahahaha. I amuse myself to no end. (Yeah, I just realized that that was really stupid, but I don't really care.)

Its Thursday morning now and I am miserable. Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but I do have a cold and I think I sound like a man when I speak. Maybe the guys will take me seriously now. Or not. Yesterday was pretty much awesome, well, most of it.

I killed Kermit. Well, he was actually already dead (and vacuum sealed in a plastic bag) when Taylor and I got him, but I mutilated him. I was completely disgusted, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. First we had to cut up the side of his mouth and break his jaw to look at his tongue and stuff. Not cool, man. We couldn't get it open, so we just gave up. (Oh, yeah, we're saying it was a 'him' because we couldn't tell the sex because the boy parts are in the mouth and we couldn't find the girl parts.) After that we had to cut him open down the middle. Not cool, man! My teacher was all, "Put the scissors in between his legs and cut all the way up across his stomach up to his mouth." At that point, despite the wretched smell and dead frog sitting in front of me, all I could think was 'Oh. My. God. I have to tell Destinie about this.' (See how much I love you, Destinie??) Once we cut his skin we had to cut through a layer of muscle and then we got to the organs. It was nasty. we couldn't find the heart, just a bunch of black stuff. We decided that Juicy (named for the frog juice that came out of the bag with him) must have been a very mean frog. Other than that we found everything. The spleen/liver/whatever we decided it was like squished stuff out when I poked it, and then I accidentally sent a piece of frog muscle flying at Alicia.

ADD sidenote: Helen wants a vampire for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

After the flying frog incident we poked around Juicy's insides for a while and then cleaned up. The whole experience wasn't too bad until I left class. In spite of the hardcore hand washing, hand sanitizer, and lotion, my hands still smelled like latex and frogs for the rest of the day. Not cool, man. There is no way that I will ever take Biology again. I think I have to do chemistry next year. Oh, joy. Hazardous chemicals to play with. Can't wait.

My Honors History final sucked. I think I did well, but I was terribly nervous and couldn't remember the difference between the Chinese dynasties. They all sound like side dishes to me. (Just kidding, that was really bad.) I am so glad to be done with that class. It was fun, but there was a lot of stuff that I just didn't get and it made me feel stupid. And if anyone had noticed, I have an ego the size of Jupiter and feeling stupid is horrible.

Before the test almost everyone was studying like mad. I was trying to study with Brianna (the smartest person from that class, for seriously, she read eighteen chapters in the textbook the night before the test) but Scott ran up and screamed, "Abraham Lincoln!" And after that I was distracted so I talked to Matt.

ADD sidenote: Its Friday morning now and I'm about to leave again. The demon child -Josh- won a citizenship award at school and I'm going to see him get it.

Turns out that Matt has actually read my blog. I love it when people tell me they read it, it makes me feel important. It also reassures me that I'm not spending a ton of time writing this thing just for the sole purpose of making my parents think I'm crazy. (For seriously! Once Mom read it and said I have too much fun at school and she might have to home school me.) So he's been bugging me for like a week to watch these videos on YouTube, the Potter Puppet Pals. I haven't watched them yet, but I found the link. We talked about that for a while, and then we took the test. It was insanely terrifying, but I think I did ok.

ADD sidenote: I'm back! But I have been for hours, but I've been searching for Twilight icons.

After History we went to lunch, which was kind of a joke because no one ate. We all just ran around and screamed and took stupid pictures for 30 minutes. After 'lunch' we all had to go to third period. That's right, Algebra. Kayla and I were in there with Alexis, some jock, and Half Baked. I decided to try out my Christmas present from Kayla -makeup- on her. She looked totally amazing, but its not like she doesn't without it. I am like so jealous of her. If I don't wear makeup I look like a vampire, and not like Rosalie or the other sexy vampires from Twilight, one of the scary ugly vampires from old horror movies. Like ten seconds after I finished doing Kayla's makeup it was time to go watch the movie in the auditorium, so we said goodbye to Half Baked and left.

The movie was really weird. It was Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and it was mostly weird emo stuff and fights. The fights were amazing, though. Especially the one at the end where both of the ships were in the cyclone thing. Only bad thing was the incredibly cheesy part where Will and Elizabeth got married in the middle of the fight. It was nauseating. That might be because I absolutely despise romance. For seriously, if this chronic singleness thing goes on I may grow to resent Bella and Edward, which may or may not lead to the apocalypse.

ADD sidenote: (Yeah, I know, there are more of these than normal today.) I have taken my googableness to a whole new level! If you Google "Helen Rose nerd" this blog comes up. So for seriously, everyone should start posting links to my blog on their Myspaces and stuff. I'd love it if I was the first thing to come up when you Google "Helen Rose".

After the movie we had about five minutes before the bell, which I spent listening to Kelly tell me about the end of the movie, which we missed. Its the part where Will comes back to the island where he left Elizabeth and they have a kid and everything. What I want to know is why the hell she stayed on the island. Like for seriously! She was like, what, twenty and now she's stuck waiting on an island for ten years for Will to show up for one day? That's such bull. She should be out being the captain of a ship somewhere. I mean wasn't she like king of the pirates?

After school I did nothing, so lets move on to Thursday.

I woke up and got ready early so I could make muffins. I chose muffins because I told Kayla I'd bring snacks for the movie, and I couldn't find any really great snacks other than muffins. And because Liam Kyle Sullivan (AKA Kelly the Betch) made a video about muffins. And we all know how much I love Liam Kyle Sullivan.

As soon as I got to school I hung out with my peoples and then went to Algebra to take my final. It actually wasn't horrible. I knew how to do everything but the stuff that we've done over the last week (because for the last week I've been really distracted so I've taken to asking Eric to 'help' me with the work) and I think I did pretty well. When we finished we (me, Eric, Kayla, and Ben) had a few minutes before the bell, which we took to talk about how awesome it was that there is a good possibility that we will never have to go into Half Baked's room ever again. This semester really rocked in there. I met a best friend (Bella, of course) and learned how to do all kinds of algebraic stuff. (But I'm more excited about the first one.)

Right after Algebra I went to take my Gym final. Before we took the test Ashlie kicked Nick in the nuts and he cried. Ok, for seriously, can it hurt that bad? I really don't think it can. Anyhow, we laughed at him. A lot. And then the test started. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Most of the questions were basically common sense. (Like the one that asked how many hands you should use to catch a football.) It was really hilarious because during the test we were in the new commons all spread out and Kelly kept popping her gum, which really ticked off Coach Creepy. While he was yelling at her someone across the room popped their gum, then someone on the other side of the room popped their gum, and so on and so forth. It was absolutely hilarious. When Coach got far enough away from me I popped mine really loud, and he accused Destinie of doing it. I felt bad because she's like one of my best friends, but she didn't get in trouble so now its just hilarious.

After the final we had to hang out in the gym for like ever. After about twenty minutes the bell rang and everyone who was going home early left, and I was left with Kelly. We screamed and ran around and pretended to fight a few times. While we were lying on the floor in the middle of the gym one of her friends came in and asked us if we were drunk. We said no, but then we took turns trying on his glasses and it felt like we were drunk. I have decided that I look really cool with glasses. Haha. At lunch I borrowed Laura's and took a pic. What do you think? Completes the nerd image, doesn't it?

After lunch we had to go to first period for a while. I hung out with Kiki and Beth and some weird guy and took some emo pictures. One of them is my default on Myspace now. Everyone says its all depressing and stuff, but I really like it. After the emoness we went downstairs to watch the movie. It was National Treasure, which really sucked for two reasons. 1. I've seen it at least ten times. 2. Even though we tried really really hard, Kayla and I could hardly make anything about it dirty. Maybe Destinie could have done it..

After school I hung out with Rhiannon and Cory until my bus came. We ate the rest of the muffins and just acted cool. We're really good at that. There were only like five people left by the time my bus came, which was really odd considering that there's usually at least a hundred. When I got on the bus I got out my iPod and listened to my emo music -because that's basically all I have on there because I haven't gotten new music yet- until I got home. When I got home I got online, of course, and did some stuff.

Now its 12:40 on Saturday morning and I'm finally finishing this. Sorry its taken me so long, I really do think I have ADD. I can't concentrate on this damn thing for more than like ten minutes, or until something shiny comes along. I'll post about Friday tomorrow, well, later today, or whenever I get a chance. Be sure to copy the code for the banner (located above the family/friends bios) and post it on your Myspace, Facebook, blog, ect. I really want to get some more readers. Peace, loves.



Shawn for the third time said...

its 1253 on saturday morning here and i just happened to check this before going to bed.
Firstly, Its Holiday!!!!!
Secondly, i still want a name in your blog someday, not just "some other nerd"
thirdly, well....there was something....i just dont remember what....


O YEAH! Getting kicked in the nuts hurts horribly! Imagine somebody shoving a pinecone up your v- ummm.....i wont go there......


Anonymous said...

I had fun after finals!!!
if you know what i mean
You should've chilled with me.
And like....yeah.

Big E said...

OK 1
u had more muffins and i didnt get any? 2
Moses made a joke about then end of the movies and it was funny k 3
the pic of u with glasses was kinda hott and when u become a libraian ur gonna end up wherin those glasses

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