Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ego Trip

"...Declare this an emergency
Come on and spread a sense of urgency
And pull us through
And pull us through

And this is the end
This is the end
Of the world..."

-Muse, Apocalypse Please

I am absolutely completely totally in love with that band right now. Damn. I've fallen in love again, not cool, man! And right as my heroin addiction rears its ugly head...

Sorry I haven't posted for the last few days. I totally meant to, but there's been a lot going on. You know, finals to pretend to study for, awesome bands to 'discover', coffee to drink, and whatnot. But fear not, loyal subjects, your triumphant blogger has returned! Haha. I so just made y'all my bitches. I rock. < /inflated ego >

Sunday and Monday were basically boring. Here are the highlights:

-Made two huge batches of snickerdoodles for my friends because Destinie and I decided that we have way too many friends to buy presents for without going broke.
-My iPod crashed. (Hence all of the profane bulletins all over Myspace on Sunday night.) Almost all of my music got deleted and now I only have 94 songs left. Well, at this moment its 114 because I just added the Rent songs that Eric gave me, but from Sunday night until this afternoon it was 94.

-Death stares from hell in Algebra. Half baked can't wait to be rid of me (and Kayla, Eric, and Ben.) I can tell.
-Shaine mastered a new pissing trick! That's right, Cassie, your boyfriend's proudest accomplishment is standing on one foot to pee while using the other foot to flush. Your kids will be wonderful.
-Cassie brought cookies! She had them in a Victoria's Secret bag and all the guys got very excited. It was borderline hilarious. I say borderline because it was three fourths hilarious, one fourth ridiculous. Mine was shaped like Santa. It was very adorable. I almost felt bad to eat him, but I really wanted a cookie, so I didn't feel bad. Ha. Did that even make sense? Lets move on to Tuesday.

Tuesday, ie. today. Totally completely rocked my socks.

ADD sidenote: I absolutely love this icon.

I'm done.

So yeah, my socks were rocking. For seriously. I wore my cool socks with the frogs on them because we were supposed to do the frog dissection today and I thought it would just be terribly adorable. Turns out that my teacher was sick and we're doing the dissection tomorrow, so I was just a nerd with weird socks. (But I had my hooker boots on, so no one could tell.) Since my teacher was sick we had to push back the dissection, which means I won't have a final in Biology! How cool is that?!? I mean, its bad that my teacher was sick because she's like really nice and it just sucks in general when people are sick, but its really good that I don't have to take my final. Actually, I just realized that some rule could say that she has to give us a test, which would suck, but at least I wouldn't have to cut up Trevor. (Yeah, I know Trevor was a toad, but its the same kind of animal.)

Katharine and I spent all of Biology finishing our History end or course objectives and goofing off. I love that chick, she's so easy to talk to. She was wearing a really cool hippie shirt with a peace sign on it, so we were saying that she was an emo hippie. She was all, "I cut myself to feel alive! Peace to the trees!" It was hardfreakingcore. While we were being emo hippies we were doing our History stuff, so we were talking about the War of Roses. I said it sounds like dinner at my house. She said I should put that on my paper, but I decided to put it on here instead. We ended up finishing the History -a day early- and going to class fully prepared. For once.

I actually enjoyed History today. We finished watching 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' (which is basically a movie about two stoners who travel through time, but I personally think they were just on mushrooms and think they traveled through time) and then played Jeopardy to review for our final. I actually knew most of the answers, but every time I was up Brianna beat me to the buzzer. I was ok with it, though, because she deserved to win. She's like the smartest person in the class. And she's blond. I seriously don't see how I don't hate her. Its because she's so nice. I can't hate nice people, its impossible.

Algebra pretty much sucked. I mean, the academic stuff was easy because all we did was go over the review packet for the final. I got every answer right. (Yes, mostly because she put all of the answers on the board, but that's not the point.) The social stuff basically sucked, though. Kayla mysteriously disappeared and hasn't been heard from since this morning, so I was stuck with Ben and Eric. They took to their favorite 'Kayla isn't here' tradition and sat on either side of me and poked me. Not cool, man. NOT COOL. But not nearly as not cool as the not cool stuff they did at lunch. (And by 'not cool' I mean 'not cool - hilarious!')

Lunch was mostly awesome. Well, perverted awesome, but awesome all the same. Lets just say that the guys spent pretty much the whole time discussing which races were best endowed, and lets just say that I completely owned all of them because the Helen race is the best endowed. (I actually didn't think of the last part, Buck did.) And then they were playing a 'game' where they slapped each other's chests repeatedly. I don't know why exactly they did that (probably because they know they'll never get to a chick's chest.) That was extremely amusing. Not for Ben, though. He tried to do it to me and I kicked his ass.

Gym was gay. Like no one changed so we all had to sit in the bleachers with the really bitchy gym teacher. Gag. She wouldn't let us do anything, so I took to turning absolutely everything Destinie said into something dirty. It was terribly amusing. There was a little bit of drama. Kelly and Ashlie got pissed off at me for saying "Oh my God". Like for seriously, what is that all about? And then I reminded them of my right to free speech, and Kelly told me again to keep my free speech to myself. Uhm, hello? Moron? Its called free speech for a reason. I already ranted about this a few weeks ago, so I'm not going to do it again, but I have to say, if saying "Oh my God" is going to send me to hell, I'd rather be in hell with JK Rowling and Socrates than in Heaven with them. (Yeah. I said that earlier and Joey was like, "OWNED!" Totally made my day.)

And like nothing else happened today, so I'll stop there. There's like nothing going on tomorrow, so I might not blog, but if I can get into the library at school tomorrow, I'll totally blog from there. How hardfreakingcore would that be? Very hardfreakingcore. Haha. I amuse myself to no end. Peace, loves.


PS- Be sure to read 'These Are The Best Days: Part Two (Saturday)'. I posted it earlier. I know, I'm on a roll tonight. =p

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