Sunday, December 16, 2007

These Are The Best Days (Part Two: Saturday)

"We all need someone to be stupid with."

I love her. She is so amazing, and completely hilarious. And she understands like all of my dirty jokes. Amazing, truly amazing. Just like Saturday.

Six friends + ice skates + energy drinks + Twilight + Cute Santa Guy + cameras = BEST DAY EVER!

Nothing truly interesting happened until we went to pick up Kayla, so we'll start there. First we got lost in her neighborhood, but eventually we got to her house and picked her up, and then we were on our way.

When we got to the skating rink Laura [Alice] and Rhiannon [Esme] were already there. (Yes, the names are from Twilight. I'm Rosalie and Kayla is Bella.) Ben showed up a few minutes later. Everyone else went to get their skates (I had my own because I'm hardfreakingcore like that) and then we went out on the ice. It turned out that I was the only one that had ever skated before, and everyone else was falling while I was out ahead of them. That filled me with a great sense of superiority for about ten seconds, and then I went back to help everyone skate. We actually got around the rink once or twice before Eric got there, and then the fun began.

Ok, Eric, I'm about to totally bash you a little bit, so you can go ahead and call me 'Helen Zasz' for the next month.

Eric fell. And then Eric fell again. And then he fell again. I have some really great pictures, too. (Click to see full size):

Eric flat on his ass on the ice.

Eric about to fall..

He fell and Cute Santa Guy helped him up.

Oh yeah, Cute Santa Guy. Here's a pic. Cute, huh? (He's cuter in person.) Kayla, Laura, and Rhiannon kept stalking him. It was pretty funny. At one point Laura just sat down on the ice so he would come and help her up. (He was one of the skate guard dudes who worked at the rink.) He did, and she took a picture with him. It was pretty entertaining, but not nearly as entertaining as what happened next.

After about 45 minutes of skating we left the ice and went to go get drinks. I was planning on hot chocolate, but I had a Rockstar energy drink instead. Of course. Everyone else got Full Throttle and I wanted to be unique. (Because I don't have enough individuality already,
< /sarcasm >.) So we hung out for a while and got hyper and took some pictures. We stumbled around the lobby part of the Icearium and started naming random guys Jasper, Edward, and Emmett. (Again, from Twilight.) While we were acting crazy Laura and Rhiannon decided to ask the people at the front counter would page Edward Cullen on the loudspeaker. For seriously. It was amazing. It turned out that they could only page people for parties, but assured us that we would probably find Edward soon. I hope so, man, because I'm so ready for Edward. All of the Mike Newtons and Tyler Crowleys are getting annoying.

In the end we decided that this guy was Emmett and this guy is Jasper. We couldn't find an Edward, though, or a Carlisle. Too bad for Bella and Esme, I suppose.

After that we had to wait a few minutes to get back on the ice because they were cleaning it. We discussed the option of hijacking the Zamboni, but decided that it would probably be a bad idea. A really hardfreakingcore bad idea, though. When we got back on the ice we skated like nonstop until six when Dad came to pick up me and Kayla. Right before he got there I fell. That was the only time I did, though, so it was cool. Better than the time I cut my head on someone's ice skates..That was great fun. When Dad got there we skated for a few more minutes and then went to take off our skates and go home. Everyone was sore and had blisters, but it was so worth it.

After that Kayla and I went with Dad and Chip to our school. Chip had to help set up for the band concert and Kayla wandered around and caused chaos. Just kidding. We did go into the new commons and dance on the tables, though. It was hardfreakingcore. I wish we'd had some music, that would have made it even more awesome. After that we walked around some more and just hung out. Right before we left we laughed at some middle schoolers who were talking about all the girls they had made out with..HA! It was truly hilarious.

That's about it. I'll put all of the pics at the end. See my myspace for the full sized ones and the explanations.



Anonymous said...

Hah dude, these are the best days. Gah we need to go skating again
Love Ya,

Bella said...

The hardness of ice is similar to that of concrete.

this is why there were so many bruises after so many falls

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