Saturday, December 15, 2007

These Are The Best Days (Part One: Friday)

"...So don't wait for someone to tell you it's too late
'Cause these are the best days
There's always something tomorrow
So I say let's make the best of tonight
Here comes the rest of our lives..."

-Graham Colton, Best Days

So its Saturday night and I got back from ice skating about an hour ago. It was absolutely amazing, I had SO much fun! But more on that later. Right now you get to hear about Friday.

Yesterday was hardfreakingcore. I wore my new favorite t-shirt and I had a pretty good hair day, so it was great from the beginning. I was texting Laura on the bus, as usual, and she decided that she's the third coolest person ever in the history of the world because I blogged about her. How cool is that? And even cooler, number one and two are Stephenie Meyer and me. Me? Me! I am the second coolest person ever in the history of the world ever according to Laura. I love that betch. As I got off the bus there was no one there to meet me. I was momentarily crushed because I love it when Laura and Scott fight over who gets to hug me first. All of my emoness was lost, though, when I realized that Kayla was back.

It was so exciting! I ran up to her and we were hugging and screaming with Laura and everyone. I'm really glad Ranger Joe wasn't out there, or he would have yelled at us. So this is what was happening in the five minutes that I was out there, all at the same time: Kayla was talking about Shaine's pissing tricks, Nichole and Laura stole my iPod (which I named Alex) to listen to 'Santa Monica', Kayla and I drank some of Laura's Full Throttle and got crazy, and some chick came up to us and asked us to sign a petition to stop the school administration from giving us uniforms. We all signed, of course, and now we might get ISS for it. More on that later, though.

I had to pry myself away from my stalkers to go to Biology, which was actually pretty cool. We watched 'Finding Nemo' and colored diagrams of frogs. For seriously, there are three things we do in that class: Take notes, color, and watch videos. The videos usually correlate to whatever we're doing in class (like the one about bug sex) but we got to watch 'Finding Nemo' because we dissected a starfish. Mom says we should watch Kermit the frog videos after we dissect the frog on Tuesday. (Yeah, she's also thrilled about the fact that my awesome free and public education includes watching 'Finding Nemo'.) Yeah, the frog. I'm going to throw up, no way around it. I almost did with the starfish, and I already know that the frog is going to be worse because it has human-like internal organs. Ugh. Can anyone else sense the excitement? < /sarcasm >

So yeah, Biology was almost completely pointless. I say almost because at the beginning of class I had the following exchange of words with Beth, which I think totally rocks.

Me (singing) - "I remember the day..."
Beth - "Wow. Since when can you sing? That was beautiful."
Me - "It was like three words. How can three words be beautiful unless they're 'I love you'?"

IDK..I just love that. lol. See how self-centered I am? I'm blogging about my great appreciation of my awesomeness. I need help..

ATTENTION PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: CANADA IS AWESOME! Haha. Vincent was wearing this cool shirt and then we had a discussion about Canada. Canada totally rules. Me, Kayla, and our people going there on our road trip after our senior year.

ADD sidenote: You really do have a procrastination problem when you're procrastinating on something you actually love to do just because its going to take a while.

The rest of history was insane and I wrote a ton of stuff down, so here's the headlines:
--Jodi Picoult - We were talking about Dante's nine levels of hell again, and I remembered Jodi Picoult's novel The Tenth Circle. It is absolutely completely amazing. Read it if you get a chance.
--The raccoon. We have a raccoon in our classroom. Its pretty scary. It keeps running right by Seth and pushing Scott. Creepy stuff, man.
--Stileism - Yeah, my teacher has created a new religion. She won't tell us her religion because she said it effects her ability to teach objectively if we know, so naturally we spend lots of time trying to guess. So we have decided that her religion is Stileism (also sometimes referred to as Flippism.) It is kind of like the universal faith that some Byzantine (or somethingorother) guy was trying to establish. I personally think she's Baptist, but she'll never tell us.
--My 'B' on my paper was correct, I actually did well!
--Everyone's lying to little kids! Its stupid! I'm learning about how the Vikings were the first to settle in North America and my younger brothers are learning that it was Columbus. Not cool, man! And apparently Columbus was a jerk anyhow, so as far as I'm concerned the only Chris Columbus that's done anything worthwhile is the one that directed Harry Potter.
--Another quote! Katharine was making fun of me, and then this happened:
Me - "You know, you think you're hilarious, Katharine, but you're not."
Katharine - "Yes I am. You just don't like it because I'm making fun of you."
Me - "Exactly."

Haha. I love us. She's so awesome.
--Queen Elizabeth was having an affair with the king of Spain. Her people thought she was 'the virgin queen' because she never had any children. Haha. They're stupid. In second block Ancient History, she's referred to as the 'not so virgin queen'.
--During the time of exploration, the French were just a bunch of obese people with lung cancer.
--Katharine blew off our EOC reviews and talked about the fagification (new word) of dogs.
--No more history notes!
--Guatemalans are the shortest people in the world..Finally! We have discovered Laura's mysterious ethnicity!
--Katharine told me that I remind her of a drunk person at the restaurant she works at. I thanked her profusely.

Wow. That was a lot of stuff from History. Scott hid in the rape corner during activity period and Kayla and I screamed some more. (We had a lot of screaming to catch up on.) Algebra was awesome. At the beginning of class Kayla brought out like twenty thousand cookies, which we proceeded to eat and get even more hyper than we already were. We then went into a rant about Twilight and the guy that will be playing Edward in the movie. While we were doing that Eric decided to be cute and write something mean about Edward on his calculator. Kayla and I were horrified and planned to ignore him for the rest of class, but Eric's kind of hard to ignore. He kept saying that he was going to kill Edward, to which I replied, "So silly. You don't know how to kill a vampire." After that Eric stole my pen and then inquired as to why it smelled like perfume. I wanted to know why he was sniffing my pens, but he wouldn't tell me.

While all of this was going on Half Baked kept giving us death stares. We can tell that she's almost as happy that the semester is over as we are. Just one week until I'm done with Algebra until next year! I really am glad the semester's almost over. In all my classes when I take notes my hand cramps almost immediately. Too many notes, I think. I'll count later, but I think I have over a hundred pages of notes in History alone.

ADD sidenote: Its Sunday afternoon now because it takes me forever to write a blog. One day I'll have my own computer and I won't get kicked off halfway through writing.

The actual academic Algebra stuff was really confusing. I don't even remember what we were doing because I've slept a ton since then, but I do know that Half Baked kept coming up with twelves, and I had no idea where the twelves came from. It was very frustrating. And then she was all, "I know, its just like magic!" Which, of course, sent me into a rant. "No, it is NOT like magic! There is no Transfiguration, there are no dragons or three headed dogs or house elves or dementors! No no NO! It is NOT like magic, its like Algebra, which is like torture, NOT LIKE MAGIC!" And then Kayla said something about our consciences, Fred and Georgie, and I almost wanted to cry. Poor Fred. =[

Lunch was interesting enough. It was really great to have Kayla back, because lunch with a bunch of guys can be a pain in the ass. After we ate we went back upstairs. We used the elevator because Buck hurt his knee and he can't walk up the stairs. Buck, Kayla, and Eric pretended to act cool while we were in there but I think they looked kind of dumb. We tried to be quiet while we were upstairs -because we're not supposed to be upstairs during lunch- but we still got yelled at. Well, not really yelled at, but warned. Again. We're going to have to actually stay in the commons after lunch now. Damn. Going upstairs was the second of two things that we did to potentially get ISS on Friday. The first was signing that petition, which apparently got a ton of people ISS during lunch. Uhh...First amendment much? Idiots.

When we got back to Algebra we placed bets on how many times Eric would fall while ice skating. I bet Kayla three Scooby Snacks that he'd fall five times, and Kayla bet me ten Scooby Snacks that she'd fall on her butt. After we were done betting, Eric told us about how he, Scott, and Jeremy got banned from Hollister. Apparently the morons went in there and put a Cinnabon in a stack of clothes then got banned. Idiots. I love them.

Gym was gay..Is anything else new? We have to take our final sometime this week, which means I actually have to learn about sports. Gag. I'm so glad that I'm almost out of there.

When I got home I hung out and then went to babysit at 6:30. Uneventful. Yeah, whatever. That's all I'm posting for now because my fingers are starting to hurt. lol. I'll post the ice skating adventures of Bella, Rosalie, Alice, Esme, Ben, and Eric later today or tomorrow. Peace, loves.



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