Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Can't Stay Away

"I think someone's trying to show us a sign
That even if we thought it would last
The moment would pass
My bones will break and my heart would give

And I remember the day when you left for Santa Monica
You left me to remain with all your excuses for everything
And I remember the time when you left for Santa Monica
And I remember the day you told me it's over....."

-Theory of a Deadman, Santa Monica

Totally love that song. I heard it on someone's profile and now I'm in love with it. See how easily I fall in love? It might seem terribly romantic, but for seriously, its really not a good thing.

So I didn't post yesterday because I basically passed out from exhaustion at six and slept until five this morning. That was good, I think, because I've had like no sleep all week. I think everyone can tell, too, because my hands are shaking more than normal due to the more than normal amounts of coffee I've been drinking. Yes, I do have a problem. Yes, I should probably switch to herbal tea or something. No, I'm not going to change anything.

So yesterday...Pretty cool day, actually. I'll try to keep it brief. Partly because I have a ton of stuff from today to talk about, but mostly because I slept for eleven hours and I don't remember most of yesterday.

Biology was actually pretty good yesterday, well, compared to today. Yesterday we took notes on the starfish that we dissected today. (Starfish sex..Eww!) More on that later. After we were done with the notes we watched Finding Nemo. No joke. I absolutely love that movie. I love to watch it with Josh. Its our favorite movie after The Wizard of Oz.

In History we discussed the genius/pervertedness of Shakespeare. Actually, we talked about the Renaissance, but Shakespeare was in there for a second. That's not what I really want to write about, though. We read a passage from Machiavelli's 'The Prince' and there were two quotes in there that I absolutely love.

"...For imagination has created many principalities and republics that have never been seen or known to have any real existence, for how we live is so different from how we ought to live that he who studies what ought to be done rather than what is done will learn the way to his downfall rather than to his preservation. A man striving in every way to be good will meet his ruin among the greater number who are not good..."

Pretty freaking accurate, huh? One more:

"...For men in general judge more by the eye than the hand; all can see but few can feel. Everyone sees what you seem to be, few experience what you really are and these few do not dare to set themselves up against the opinion of the majority supported by the majesty of the state..."

Yeah, I know, supernerd. Blogging about Machiavelli, using 'blogging' as a verb, understanding that medieval gibberish...What a nerd. =p

Other than that History was boring. On my 'blogables' note I have the notes "DAM - Mothers Against Dyslexia" "He who dies with the most toys wins" and "Plato/Playdough". Its an honors class, I swear.

That's the end of my blogables notes from yesterday, so lets see how much I can remember by myself..

In Algebra we found a really nauseating love note on the floor. I won't subject you to the whole thing, but here's a passage: "Baby I feel the same way towards u when u told me 'of course we will be together forever,' I know we will be we are so perfect for each other, u think?" And on and on like that. It would be really sweet if he didn't go on to say that even though they'd only known each other for a while he thinks they're soulmates, yadda yadda yadda. Eric and I think that he's just trying to get in her pants.

Lunch was uneventful. Boys are gross. Can't wait until Kayla gets back. Gym was boring. We had a sub again, so I sat out with Destinie and she psychoanalyzed me again. We, and Laura, have decided that my heroin addiction problem will be solved when I talk to it and get closure. Yeah. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

When I got home I talked to some people online for a while, but around six I just gave up and went to bed. I woke up at five this morning and did my morning stuff then went to school. When I got there Laura met me when as I got off the bus. I hung out with her, Scott, Cassie, Shaine, Nichole, and everyone for a minute and then I went to Biology. Scottie stalked me all the way upstairs. He's really starting to get annoying.

In Biology we dissected the starfish. It was absolutely completely disgusting. I almost threw up, and Beth did throw up. We had to cut off the end of one of the arms, slice it up the side and then peel off the top and examine the mushy insides. I felt like I was mutilating Patrick! Not cool, man! And it smelled like rotting pumpkins. Completely nasty. I still want to be a doctor, though. I don't think people smell like rotting pumpkins, and their insides are more interesting. Oh yeah, here's a pic to sum up my starfish dissection experience. We're doing frogs on Tuesday. Oh, joy.

History was one insane religious item after another. It started with notes on the Protestant reformation and Martin Luther's position on the sacraments. That segwayed into a discussion on transubstantiation and the possible negative ramifications of taking spray cheese with you to communion. We decided that its probably blasphemy, but it was still fun to think about. I could totally see Scott and Seth doing that. Not that Scott would actually make it to communion, he'd burst into flames upon entering the church. Yeah, the great atheist was saying "There is no God" in my ear all through class. Its completely obnoxious. He has the right to express his opinions, but he doesn't have to constantly bash my faith.

Oh yeah, my faith, haha. I'm a bad Catholic because I read Harry Potter. Actually, I'm a bad Catholic anyhow because even though I was baptized Catholic I haven't been in a Catholic church in years. Oh well. If not going to church will send me to hell, I'd rather be down there with Socrates, JK Rowling, and all the other heretics. Ok, well while I'm on this topic, I may as well tell you about my theory.

Before I start you have to realize that this was just an idea that popped into my head. I don't believe it, I just thought of it. (Can you get excommunicated for thinking something?) So: What if Christianity is just an elaborate joke? I mean, you can't deny that Jesus existed, but what if he was just a bored teenager that wanted to trick some people into believing he was the savior? Maybe he just really didn't like Judaism, or maybe he was just really self centered and wanted a religion based around him. Think about it, people. He could have been pretty deep into the oracle reading herbs that the ancient Greeks used. (Only the nerds in my History class will get that one.) Ok, enough heresy for one night. I've got about three hundred 'Hail Mary's' left for the Harry Potter thing.

After that History was boring. I bashed Scott's head into a wall (but I had a good reason) and had a very interesting conversation with Matt about killing the pope. Our teacher said that since the pope is the basically leading religious authority in the world no one in their right mind would kill him. Well Matt -the ultimate nerd, he reads Star Wars books and everything- said that you'd have to be right handed to kill the pope. I got it immediately, but no one else did. You know, right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa, so you'd have to be in your left mind, not in your right, therefore not using your left hand, to kill the pope. That was pretty freaking awesome.

Nothing truly interesting happened during activity period. Some chick passed out in the hallway and we watched Rent-A-Cop Randy run over to her. It was bad that the chick passed out, but man, it was hilarious watching that fat cop run. I don't get why there are fat cops, I mean, aren't they supposed to be able to chase down suspects and stuff? Makes no damn sense. After that we went back to class and we got our research papers back. I actually did ok. I'm terribly excited about it, but I'm not going to show it externally until I know that my teacher didn't accidentally mess up my grade.

I am SO glad that Kayla is coming back tomorrow. For seriously, I love Eric and Ben to death, but they are really getting on my nerves. We took a test today. I actually understood 99% of it, and the other 1% Alexis explained to me after lunch, so I think I did pretty well. Nothing happened other than that. Kayla promised me a really awesome day in there tomorrow since she's been out all week. I can't wait!

At lunch I introduced the guys to the insanity that is the female process of finding out if one of them is interested. Its a crazy process, too. See, Laura likes this guy that I sit with, so I was asking him what he thought of her while simultaneously texting his answers to Laura. Shaine tried to get in on it, too, but mostly he was just harassing the other guy.

Gym was lame. What else is new? Kelly and I danced in the rain and sang Taylor Swift. Its actually pretty interesting when Kelly and I sing, because usually we can't harmonize for anything, but sometimes we sound really amazing. That's all that happened in gym. After school I hung out with everyone then went home. While I was on the bus I decided that I really need some music on my iPod. Maybe I'll get the new Veronicas CD tomorrow...

When I got home I got online and talked to some people. A bunch of people weren't online because of the chorus concert. I wanted to go, but Dad was busy condemning himself to Italian hell (no, no one is supposed to understand that) and Mom couldn't drive me, so I stayed home and talked to Laura. I love that crazy chick. Yesterday -yeah, its Friday morning now. It takes me forever to write a blog- morning we decided that we were going to run away to Forks and stalk Edward. I pointed out that it wouldn't be too much fun because Alice would know we were stalking him, so Laura said that we should kill Alice. BLASPHEMY!!! You can't kill Alice. No, no, NO!! Then Jasper would kill us and Edward would hate us and it would be horrible!!! Haha. I'm way too obsessed with this book. I need help.

I stayed up doing pretty much nothing last night and crashed around 12:30. Today is going to kick ass! Kayla's coming back, finally, plus I'm babysitting tonight then going ice skating with everyone tomorrow. Since -I hope- anyone reading this is actually one of my friends and not a stalker, you're invited. We're going at the Icearuim in Farragut from four to six tomorrow. Let me know if you can make it!

So I suppose that's all. I have to go eat and get ready for school and all that..Gag. Only one more week, and its not even a full week! Yay! I'm planning on giving everyone their Christmas presents on Monday, but thats only if the stuff I ordered gets here before then. Peace, loves.


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SHAWN!!!!! (the geek behind other shawn) said...

Helen you are an excellent writer!
Ive been reading through all of these posts and cracking up as i recall each one happening (the spray cheese thing at communion was mine btw)
Very nice writing anyway, its much more fun to read funny entertaining blogs.

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