Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Could Get Used To This

"I'm feeling it comin' over me
With you it all comes naturally
Lost the reasons to resist
And I could get used to this...."

-The Veronicas, I Could Get Used To This

Totally love that song. And I'm so totally in love with life that I think I'm getting used to the constant euphoria. Pretty neat, huh?

One word for today: Ah-mashing. For seriously, it rocked.

And get this, its Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

"Los Angeles, CA December 11, 2007 – Summit Entertainment announced today that Robert Pattinson will star as “Edward” in the highly anticipated feature film production TWILIGHT opposite Kristen Stewart. The thriller-romance, based on Stephenie Meyer’s publishing phenomenon, is slated to begin production in February 2008."

I don't know...Is he good enough? I can definitely see Edward potential, and Stephenie Meyer's thrilled. He'll need contacts, of course, and I don't know if he has a British accent all the time or if he can turn it off like Hugh Laurie. I guess if Americans can do British accents then British can do American accents. I completely hate Kayla for being grounded while this is happening. Kaila isn't online and Laura hasn't texted me back...I feel so alone in my Twilight obsessed world.

So with that..Its 10:36 and there's no way I'll get to bed at a reasonable hour, so y'all (yes, I said y'all, I am from the south) are getting one hell of a long blog tonight. Hope you don't have plans or anything.

Today started pretty normal. Got up, got unpajamaed, got ungrody, made my hair unmessy, got some coffee, wrote a blog, yadda yadda yadda. I got to school and got Laura to help me find Taylor. Its her birthday (happy birthday, again, Tay!) and I made her cookies and I wanted to give them to her before I ran into Eric. (Just kidding, Eric. You can call me 'Helen Zasz' three times for that one.) Before we went into Taylor's classroom I took them out of my backpack and Laura murdered them. For seriously! I held them out and asked Laura to hold them while I closed my backpack and she just let them fall. What a typical cookie murderess. Gosh! Anyhow, only like two of them were murdered so I gave them to Taylor and blamed the broken ones on Laura and then went to Biology to cut up a worm.

I still want to be a doctor. The dissection wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. One of my senior friends told me once that it isn't so terrible, but I didn't believe him. I should have. It was completely nasty, of course, but really fascinating at the same time. I so definitely can't wait until we cut up larger animals. We got in there and we were assigned lab partners. I was with Taylor. We'd never really talked before today, but she's really nice and wanted nothing to do with the internal functions of the worm, so I got to do all the cutting. We had to wear really queer looking shower curtain-like aprons and supernerd goggles. We looked like Dr. Warner on SVU. But me and Beth make it look good. I absolutely hate Alicia, though, because she actually did look good with the shower curtain apron and supernerd goggles. So not fair. (Just kidding.)

As far as the actual cutting and poking goes, it wasn't terrible. I sliced it down its back and then pinned it down so we could see the insides. I kept going, "Ew!" and, "Grody!" But I was really thinking, "Ok, cool, lets do this on people." I can't wait until med school, man. Its going to be freaking awesome. So the lab went pretty quickly. Basically we spent fifteen minutes slicing it open and five poking it, and then we spent the rest of class cleaning up. It wasn't until after class when I couldn't get the smell of latex off my hands when I started to feel a little sick. I realized after I left that formaldehyde smells really horrid.

Abbey stole borrowed my phone at the beginning of History and it started a really funny reaction. She gave me a box of nerds -ironic in itself when you're in an Honors Ancient History class- because I let her use my phone. Simple, right? Not so. I ate like three and remembered that I really don't like nerds all that much, so I gave them to Seth, who gave them to another nerd, who ate them then gave the box back to Seth, who put them on the back of my desk where they were sure to fall off. The teacher jokingly accused him of littering, and there was a finger pointing epidemic as we tried to find out who should have to throw the box away. In the end I did just to make them stop pointing at whatshisface. That's not the point, though, the point is that one of the nerds was confused by my statement, "There are nerds all over this classroom." He didn't know if I meant the candy or my classmates. Ha! (Yeah, I just realized that this story is probably funnier to me than to you, but whatever. Its my blog, so =p)

Other than that History was basically insane. You know, the usual. We talked about Dante's nine levels of hell and Satanism. (Which reminded me of Jodi Picoult's amazing novel The Tenth Circle which everyone should read because it kicks ass.) We also discussed how cool it would be to be the king of Rhode Island. I have absolutely no idea how we got to that, but it happened, and I decided that being king of Rhode Island would be pretty sweet because I would get to boss around my uncle that lives there. And you have no idea how much fun I could have with that. After that Scott kept saying "Sexy time explosion". (Which is supposedly from Borat but I don't remember it.) And then he called me prissy, which made me want to break his nose. I threatened to do this and our teacher told me to to it in the hallway where she couldn't see so she wouldn't have to write me up. Then Seth was being all weird over something and she said, "Sit down, Mr. Anal. You're going to have a heart attack before you're thirty!" That was awesome. She would be the coolest teacher ever if she wasn't a hardass. I totally hate the academic part of that class. Only one week and a huge scary test and I'm out of there!
< /enthusiasm >

Algebra. Gag. We did something confusing that I didn't understand. Next? One week and a semi-huge scary test until I'm out of there. Thank God, because I think I'd go crazy if it was any longer. So enough about the numbers, lets get onto the social stuff, because that's all that really matters. Eric has taken to doing this really creepy thing whenever something's bugging me. He puts his hand on my head, as if he was going to crush my skull, and shakes and makes a really funny face and says "Demon be gone!" It doesn't eliminate whatever's bugging me, but usually it freaks me out so much that I forget what was bugging me for a while. It seriously reminds me of the "Serenity Now!" episode of Seinfeld. Man, I adore that show. Kramer is the coolest dude ever. I wish I could walk through a door like that.

Lunch was uneventful apart from Shaine's compelling recollection of his 'pissing tricks'. No, I'm not kidding. He was actually telling Cory that he was pissing for so long that he started to do tricks. For seriously?! Guys actually think about that stuff?! That's insane! I guess that's what I get for hanging out with guys all the time. Man, I can't wait until Kayla gets back.

The rest of Algebra was confusing to no end, and gym was stupid. We went outside and walked around the track a few times. I texted Laura and took pictures the whole time. I also got a video of Kelly and Emily singing 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer'. I posted it on YouTube, I'll add it to the end of this post. After we were done walking we went inside and joined the other gym class. I ended up playing volleyball with a chick that looks like Bella (to me, anyways) and some other people while at the same time keeping an eye on the game that was going on next to us, because that chick that was mad me last Friday kept telling all of her friends to throw balls at my head.

After gym in the locker room she approached me and asked me if I had a 'staring problem' because apparently everyone had told her that I'd been staring at her. For seriously, she needs to stop listening to everyone all the time because everyone is lying to her. Its really starting to make me mad. But what will I do about it? Nothing. Why? Because I am a pushover and a wimp and I hate myself for it, but that's what I am and I do not intend to change who I am just because some chick is too dumb to know that everyone is trying to start drama because everyone is a disgusting being who wants to see a fight. Well I have news for everyone: I will not fight. I will not fall to that level of primal, immature, uncivilized behavior.

After school was cool. Hung out, took some pictures, got stalked, the usual. When I got home I hung out and did my homework. When I got online I had a status/mood conversation with Scott, Eric, and Rhiannon. (I actually think I was speaking to myself at one point, too.) Other than that, not much happened. Its 12:17 and I'm completely exhausted now, so I'm going to bed. Peace, loves.


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I'mBella!ILoveEdwardMore!ILoveBamMOre! said...

HIM? as EDWARD? *shudder* no where near oerfect enough!

sry I've left u with shaine and his "tricks" *shudder* but just think only like 42 more hours. Unless i can't count.....hmm....one..ten...elevendy...HELEN! I CANT COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh well the point is you only have to suffer one more day without me.
Friday will be extras funs to make up for the missed 4 days. PROMISE!

love yas!

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