Monday, December 10, 2007

This Love

This love...My love for life, my love for my family, friends, blessings, everything I have to be thankful for. And, of course, my love for the Veronicas, who's song 'This Love' totally rocks my socks.

I'm coming to you from my kitchen. Nothing new, except for tonight, I have been grounded from chairs, so I am standing up and typing at a very unusual angle. Yeah. I got grounded from chairs. My family is absolutely insane...

Today kicked butt. What else is new? I've almost totally gotten over my heroin problem from last week (read previous posts if you're confused on that last point) and I'm back to my overly hyper crazy perverted self. (I can already hear people groaning.)

Today started simple enough. Got up, showered, got dressed, put up makeup, did my hair, got some magic wake up juice, made lunch, hung out, ect. You know, the usual. Nothing to report until Biology, so lets start there.

Animal sex update: We have moved on to bug sex. For seriously, you haven't lived until you've watched two spiders getting it on. It was a truly life changing experience. The worm sex discussions are ongoing. Did you know that an earthworm's seminal receptacle is larger than its brain? This is very important information, people. I'll get to see this for myself tomorrow when I dissect a worm. I'm not really nervous now, but I am afraid that I might have a totally unexpected Bella moment and pass out as soon as I make the first incision. And that wouldn't be too much fun if Edward isn't around to save me. So wish me luck. There is a good possibility that by second block tomorrow I will have abandoned all aspirations to become a physician.

So did you know that the US is #5 on the 'Best Countries in the World' list? Yeah. Switzerland is number one, but we have Oprah. That was the highlight of History class yesterday. (Yeah, I'm rushing now because I started this blog last night before Dad kicked me off the computer and now I only have a little while before school.) Other than that we talked about Medieval Freaking Europe. Someone mentioned Alfred the Great, and we talked about his self esteem as compared to Pepin the Short's. Seth suggested that Alfred might have been the same height as Pepin, and asked how he got the title of 'Great'. Does anyone get where I'm going with this? I didn't say it, but I was thinking that he might have been really really good at something else..

We had an orgy in Algebra. An orgy is defined as four or more people in a room with their shoes off, so Eric, Ben, Abbey, and I all took our shoes off. Speaking of Abbey, apparently she has conversations with her chest. No, I'm not kidding. You can ask Eric, I'm hoping he's blogged about it by now. (There, Abbey, is that enough attention for you?) Other than that we didn't do anything really great. Cortney accidentally got a face full of the teacher's butt, and that was absolutely hilarious. And Eric made the bestest joke ever. He's already posted it, though, so I won't steal his thunder.

At lunch I was left alone amongst the pervs of the round table. Kayla's suspended until Friday, so I was forced to listen to the boys talk about their favorite 'code words' for boobs. It was disturbing, yet highly amusing. Hey wait..Mom just pointed out that if the guys are the pervs of the round table then I must be queen of the pervs. That totally kicks ass. Its good to be queen. Other than that the rest of lunch was uneventful. Eric gave me a new nicnkame (Helen Zasz) and picked me up and threw me at Ben. It was great fun.

After Algebra was gym..Gay! We had a sub so Destinie and I sat out with a bunch of people and she psychoanalyzed me. She's my therapist, which is kind of laughable because we both need therapy.

Other than that nothing really happened yesterday. I have to go get ready to dissect a worm now, so I'll talk to ya'll later. Sorry for the short post. Peace, loves.



Big E said...

Hey Helen Zasz wats goin good tht was the funniest joke i have done and i still didnt blog haha i feel bad

Shawn Again!!! said...

I just realized that i am referred to as "one of the nerds in the classroom" when i was confused over the whole box of nerds much as it is true.....i have a name!!!!

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