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So here is part two, which is actually part one, of my December 7, 2007. This part is awesome, hence the title 'Superblog'.

I turned the alarm off three times before I got up. Every time I thought, 'Its Friday, yay!' before I went back to sleep. When I finally got up around six I went to take a shower. I turned on the radio and the Star 102.1 morning show was on, which is absolutely hilarious. They're almost as obsessed with their blogs as I am with mine, so I'm going to see if they'll link me. That would be superawesome.

So when I got to school my posse was there to greet me. Yeah, that's right, I have a posse. Its pretty freaking awesome. Kayla and Scott stalk me when I get off the bus and Ben, Eric, Shaine, and Kayla stalk me during Algebra/lunch. Ok, so they're not really a posse, but they are my stalkers, and I love them.

Biology totally grossed me out. We have to do three dissections before the end of the semester: A worm, a starfish, and a frog. Our homework on Thursday was to think about how much we were willing to do with the dissections. I said that I'd do whatever I had to, but I might freak out. That was kind of a lie. I'll definitely freak out. If it isn't a real freak out it will be me going "Eww! Its so grody!" like all the other girls. Some doctor I'll make, huh? I'm going to be a doctor no matter what, though. Not only has Carlisle inspired me, but a few months ago I got a fortune cookie that told me that I would prosper in the field of medicine. I plan to frame it and hang it up in my office next to my medical degree.

So the dissections: EWWW! We took notes on the body parts of worms, and they all sound either like something really dirty or like something out of Harry Potter. I mean for seriously! Gizzard? Satae? Nephridia? So maybe just the last one sounded like something out of Harry Potter, but the others definitely sounded dirty. And we had to learn about worm sex, too. Creepy much? They're hermaphrodites so when two worms meet they just wiggle around and fertilize each other. My teacher was way enthusiastic about that part. She has serious issues with this animal sex obsession of hers. She should see a therapist or something. After all of this she showed us the worms that we'll be dissecting on Tuesday, and they're on steroids! I mean it. We're going to be cutting up some Barry Bonds worms!

History rocked my socks. It was absolutely hilarious. Before class I was talking to Scott and Seth. (Seth's the one being molested by Scott in the picture.) I told Seth -resident wiseguy and our History teacher's favorite to pick on- that I'd blogged about him. "I'm a blogee?" he asked. I told him that I absolutely loved his reaction and I was going to blog about it. (Yes, I do have issues. Your point?) After that hilarity class started.

We're still talking about the Medieval church. Gag. It was pretty funny yesterday, though. We were talking about the popes and how at one point there were three popes at once and no one had any idea who to believe because everyone was excommunicating each other and it was pure chaos. While we were on the subject of popes someone developed a minor obsession with the word 'papal'. I'm serious. And while this was going on our teacher was talking about how the church was corrupt and the clergy was going around selling salvation. So we got into a random discussion about how much these peasants had to pay to redeem their sins and the sins of their departed family members, and then someone asked how much it would cost them if they killed the pope. I have no idea how they got that, but I guess that's what you get when you get thirty hyper nerds in a room together. Someone (either Scott or Seth) said, "You can't kill the pope! He's got the papal power!" and then Scott said he was going to kill the pope. I told him he'd better not, and that I wouldn't visit him in prison and I'd let the Italians beat him to death. He responded by messing with my hair.

So all in all History was pretty freaking awesome. There were two bad parts, though. First, I have a huge assignment due on Monday that I'll have to do tomorrow when I should be shopping. (Ok, more likely I'll be shopping when I should be doing my homework, but still.) And two, the cookie people didn't show up. I'm starting to really hate them. They're cookie teases. Nobody likes a tease.

While we're on the subject of cookies, all of my friends need to do this:

My really special friends that I actually like are getting really cool presents, but everyone I know is getting something, so vote on what you want. Yeah, I know, I'm amazing. =p

The first half of Algebra was totally completely laugh out loud amazing. For like ten minutes Half Baked kept shooting us death stares. And, in compliance with our drinking game, Kayla and I were acting like we were drunk. It was actually a pretty funny situation. Abbey was eating nerds with a straw and Courtney and Eric were freaking out over cookies. I finally got a pic of my Algebra folder. Its not the whole thing, but all the important stuff is on there. I'll take a better picture with my mom's camera at some point. My phone takes really bad pictures. I would use my camera, but some Midway skank knocked it off my desk in like March and now it doesn't work.

After a bunch of death stares Half Baked threatened to put us in 'behavioral quarantine' if we didn't chill out. Kayla and I weren't really scared, though. I mean, we've done jail cells and padded rooms, (just kidding) how bad could a desk in the hallway be? We continued to goof off, but we multitasked and did our assignments at the same time. At some point Eric decided it was too warm and he took his pants off. He had gym shorts on underneath, but it freaked me out for a second. I thought he was going to expect me to throw ones at him or something. After he did that we did our Kelly thing. You know, "Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. By the way, betch...." You should know how it ends. (If you don't you can watch the 'Shoes' video by Kelly/Liam Kyle Sullivan here.) Anyhow, its amazing. We do that approximately six times a day, always in perfect unison. We've never come close to the totalsuperawesomeness of the first time we did it, though, because that was just so random that it rocked. The whole point of telling you this is to say that Eric found it very amusing that we said that while he had his pants off. (Oh yeah, I made Eric get a blog. Click here to read it.)

So after that we went to lunch, and you all know how well that went. (If you don't know what I'm talking about read the post from yesterday entitled 'Do You Realize'.) Before the drama started I did get a really cool picture of Eric and Kayla. After that there was drama, so my happy recollections of school on December 7, 2007 end here.

Now for some more randomness. I have two very important things to discuss. First, my Christmas wish list. Anyone who gets me anything on this list will forever be the love of my life and I might marry you/give you my firstborn child.

Helen's Christmas Wish List
1. A pony
2. World Peace
3. A Hogwarts letter
4. Edward Cullen
5. A permanent Wikipedia page
6. JK Rowling handcuffed to a chair chugging Veritaserum
7. Stephenie Meyer handcuffed to a chair chugging Veritaserum
8. My own website with the URL

Good luck!

Second is actually deep and philosophical, even more so than 'Life is factions'. Basically its Living in the moment vs. Preparing for the rest of your life. So my thoughts: Yes, school is important, but why be overly stressed about it? I mean, you can spend your entire high school career being the straight A college-bound model student and be completely set for the rest of your life and then be hit by a bus and killed the day after your high school graduation. Seriously, what's the point? There is no 'the rest of your life'. This is your life, so live it! In thirty years its not going to matter if you slacked off one night of studying to go to the movies or be a mall rat for a while. You're making memories, and one day, that may be all you have. So that is my logic behind the organization of my priorities. My priorities are as follows: Family -> Friends -> Fun -> School -> The Future

So, to offset that moment of deepness and clarity, here's a new word for you: Edwardgasm. Everyone who knows me should at least know who Edward is, and my Twilight buddies should know exactly what an Edwardgasm is, even though there hasn't been a word for it before. Its when you're reading a Twilight book and Edward does something so amazing and basically perfect that you're in complete awe of him (and possibly stop breathing).

Lets go ahead and get on with all of the Twilight obsession I have to blog about, because I have a lot. I spent a really long time on the Twilight Lexicon last night and got answers to a few of my burning Twilight questions. I also found some stuff that just made me happy. First: Kayla, Edward's full human name was Edward Anthony Masen. I personally prefer the middle name 'Supersexy', but Anthony works two. Second: Kayla and I were right, vampires can have sex. (We've seriously been wondering for a while.) Now to the random things that made me smile. First, and this one really makes me just giddy, Emmett lived in Gatlinburg!!! How cool was that? He was attacked by a bear in the Smokies before Rosalie saved him. And the one that just makes me smile, Bella's grandmother, Charlie's mother, was named Helen!!!!!!! Totally superawesome, right? That's all the Twilight craziness I have for now, though. Well, beside the fact that I joined the Lexicon message boards and my screenname is H_Cullen.

Today was basically boring. We finally put up our Christmas tree. Its gorgeous. I love our tree because we basically just put tons and tons of ornaments all over it and it looks absolutely chaotic and beautiful at the same time. Kind of like our family, I suppose. Its great. I hate seeing Christmas trees that are all stylish and that lack personality. And I really hate pre-decorated trees. I mean, its your tree, its supposed to reflect you, not some designer. Gawsh!

I went to babysit around 6:30 and I was there until about 10. It was cool, though. The baby fell asleep like fifteen minutes after the parents left and I talked to Laura for over an hour. We talked about our heroin addictions. (Nobody freak out, its a Twilight reference. You know, "You're just my brand of heroin" and all that.) You see, I want to completely forget mine ever existed, but thats just about impossible because even though I tell myself I'm clean, I'm still addicted. She's hopelessly addicted. It really sucks for both of us, but its good that we have each other to talk about it. No one else wants to put up with our complaining anymore. lol. Seriously, I love that betch. She's been one of my best friends since sixth grade and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

I'll be posting all about my heroin addiction in a story I'm working on. I don't know if it has a happy ending yet, though. I'm still waiting for that one to play out.

So now its 12:10 and I'm listening to The Veronicas yet again. I absolutely love them. I should stalk them or something. They have this one song, 'In Another Life' that's really getting to me right now. Its about two people that want to be together but keep missing each other by a fraction of an inch. Kind of depressing, actually, but oh well. Life is fractions and heroin addictions never really go away.

Ok, enough emoness. I'm completely exhausted so I guess I'll be getting to bed now. I probably won't post anything tomorrow unless something really really great happens. Peace, loves.


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