Friday, January 11, 2008


^^Emo smiley. Haha.^^

Heyy everyone! Your faithful blogger has returned. Haha. It feels like soooo amazing to actually be writing to you, because I haven't been online in about four days. Its a long story, and if you really want to hear it come find me at school. (That's where I am now..I don't eat lunch anymore so I'm in the library.) But long story short, my cell phone broke and I had a little Laguna Beach blond bitch hissy fit about it and I'm grounded for the rest of eternity. That's why I haven't been on myspace since Tuesday, and also why I'm not answering my cell phone and texts. Yes, I am completely miserable and I think I'm going to cry, but for other reasons other than the fact that I'm a drama queen.

The new semester started on Tuesday and I'm really not too thrilled about it. I mean, I don't miss Ancient History or Gym in the slightest, but I do miss my friends a whole lot. Since I don't have time to tell you absolutely everything before lunch is over (I have twenty five minutes left) I'll give you the basic rundown of my classes and stuff.

First Block:
Class: Honors English I
Teacher: Coach Rice
I'm half loving and half hating this class. I absolutely love it because I'm in there with Bella and my teacher is really funny, but on the downside I really really really really really hate Jane Eyre. Its really boring, but not so bad since I read the summaries online. Oh yeah, that plan was a total bust because we need to know the details for the quizzes, so I'm reading it a few chapters at a time. Its actually not so horrible now, but its no Twilight. Haha. There was actually something pretty cool in there today. We were doing chapter notes and it got to the part where Jane met Helen Burns, and the notes said that Helen was sitting alone away from everyone reading. I had to giggle a little bit at the irony. The next part really made me think, though. Helen was being picked on by one of the teachers, and the notes said that Jane kept wondering why Helen didn't say anything and why she didn't fight back. She just didn't say anything. Gahh. That really got to me a little bit. If you know what I'm talking about then you know just about everything else, and if you don't then don't worry about it. I'm hoping it will all be resolved soon.

Second Block:
Class: Art I
Teacher: Mr. Shinn
I've disliked art since elementary school simply because I'm not good at. So needless to say I wasn't completely thrilled to be put in Art I. I'm actually enjoying it, though. I'm in there with Kayla and a bunch of fat football players who don't like the fact that Kayla and I talk fast, loud, and often. We don't really care, though. They wish they could talk like they're on crack. We're having a really great time. On the first day we told Mr. Shinn that we go by Bella and Rosalie and he looked at us funny, but he still calls Bella Chesney and Rosalie Rose (rofl) every day for attendance. Its hardfreakingcore. Today we did self portraits, which I was really not thrilled about, but mine actually turned out ok. I might even put up a scan of it if I'm ever allowed on the computer at home again, but those chances aren't looking too good.

Third Block:
Class: Contemporary Issues
Teacher: Ms. Beichler
I absolutely love this class. I know Emily M. and Blaze in there, which is good but I'd be content if I didn't know anyone, because the class is just so amazing for me. Its all current events and interesting things that are actually going on now. I like it SOOOO much better than Ancient History. I don't really care about the Romans, I care about what's going on now. Its really interesting and I LOVE it!

Fourth Block:
Class: Spanish I
Teacher: Mrs. Hess
I hate this class with a burning passion. And not the kind of burning that you can get an ointment for or anything. Haha. I hate it. I don't know a single person in there and its miserable. AND when you're first learning it, Spanish just sounds like a bunch of grunting and gross sounds. Not cool, man. And it doesn't help that I'm surrounded by a bunch of immature morons, either. I'm trying to get out of it (I actually might get out of Art, too) and go to Latin, but the odds aren't looking too good right now. I have Spanish next block and I'm probably going to cry. We have to go out into the hallway and record ourselves saying the Spanish alphabet, which I don't know. Not only that, but I will be absolutely mortified just because...Well, I'm me. I hate speaking in front of people (I nearly had a nervous breakdown when I had to say my Spanish name to the class) and I'm going to cry. No way around it. Happy, Shayne? I can be your little emo kid now. Haha.

So..Those are my classes. Basically I'm completely happy for first and second, content in third, and a miserable little emo kid in fourth. I hope I can get my classes changed, but with my luck Latin will be the next 'awesome thing' that everyone has to do and the classes will be full by the time the guidance counselors get to me.

That's about it, I suppose. I only have five minutes until the bell, and I have to proofread this, so I have to go. Please, please, please call me at home or come over or something. I' bored out of my mind with this whole grounded for eternity thing. Peace, loves.


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Shawn said...

That was your best chance yet to mention me!!!! Just say, "yeah, that kid that keeps trying to get on my blog is in my 1st period."
You said you would say that!!! Grrr.....not fair!

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