Monday, January 14, 2008


Heyyy peoples! I miss you guys. (I mean, I know that I'm probably in the same building as many of you at this very moment, but I still miss you. There are like 20 of my friends that I haven't seen since the new semester started. That makes me want to cry like a little emo kid. You should come cheer me up!! =p)

Soooo this weekend was like super boring. Paul (my computer) is still strictly off limits, and will be for a while, so I had to resort to sleeping, reading, doing laundry, cleaning my bathroom, and -GASP- doing my homework. I babysat on Saturday, which was basically awesome. It was like thirty minutes of listening to the baby cry and then like four hours of watching TV. I also got to get online, and Bella informed me of something that completely broke my heart: Alice transferred to Bearden.

I am for seriously heartbroken over this!! I love my Alice, she's like my sister, and this is like totally not fair. I hate her mom for making her transfer. Esme said it was because Alice had bad grades, but I personally think that its because Alice has (/had? IDK the situation) a boyfriend. Gahhhh. Crazy Nazis!!!

So anyhow, today is being pretty slow. English was interesting enough. We did notes on Jane Eyre and I actually got to use the phrase "Flying Fruitcake". Haha. I'm actually starting to like Jane Eyre. There are some good quotes and stuff. Art was better. We're doing self-portraits again, and mine actually turned out pretty good. You know, despite the fact that I didn't have a nose. I was going to get to it, but I was putting it off because my nose is like colossal and hard to draw. My right eye was absolutely gorgeous, though. Haha. Other than that me, Bella, and Taylor talked about Twilight (Taylor hasn't read it yet, but I think we might be able to convince her), guys, and the fact that none of us are the next da Vinci.

Activity period was uneventful. I walked with Kayla and listened to her talk about ROTC. I have no idea how she's still in that class..I assumed that she would be kicked out after a week. I probably owe Eric money now, but I don't remember the details of the bet, so whatev. Contemporary Issues is going well. We're in the computer lab researching presidential candidates. My group is doing Hillary Clinton, so naturally me and Emily have mostly been looking at political cartoons and rejected campaign slogans. My personal favorite is "Read my lips - No new interns/" Haha. There were a bunch like that.

So sorry that my blog has been pretty boring the last few posts. There's a lot of stuff going on, but I only have like 25 minutes to write and I forget a bunch of stuff. But I did do something fun. Enjoy:

You Know You're a Nerd When:
~You use the words "Google" and "blog" as verbs.
~You put Jane Eyre quotes on your Honors English binder.
~You hear "Riding Dirty" on the radio and sing the lyrics to "White and Nerdy"
~You declare that "White and Nerdy" is your personal theme song.
~You go through withdrawal pains when grounded from the computer

I'll get some more and post them later. I'm thinking about doing a drop box thing under my bio, but IDK yet.

Soo...I'm pretty much done, but I have like ten minutes left. Amazing. I type really fast. The librarians must think I'm on speed or something.

~I absolutely love the song "My World" by Avril Lavigne.
~I decorated my binders for school this weekend..They're hardfreakingcore.
~I finished rereading Eclipse and said the phrase "Its not fair!" about seven billion times.
~I miss Alice!!!
~I want to have an 'anti-dance' the night of Winter Formal. Like go bowling or something. Haha.
~I really hate the school's computers. The internet is slow and I'm extremely impatient.
~I still hate Spanish with a burning passion. I hope I get transferred, but I doubt it'll happen. I have like zero luck.
~If you want to write a guest blog, I'd love you forever. Just write whatever you want (I mean it, whatever you want) and send it to me at and I'll post it. I need some interesting material since I have no time to write decent posts.
~Six minutes left
~I've been watching and reading the news in abnormal amounts over the last week. I hate politics.
~I should probably go. Peace, loves.



Shawn said...

OMG!!! Would it kill you to mention my name!?!?! Im going to go write a guest blog in the hopes that there is a slight chance you will be extremely tired that day and put it on for me...

(i do the same thing with riding dirty btw, it drives my sister nuts.)

shawn again.... said...

alright, i sent you my guest blog, and it took me like a whole 5 minutes, so you'd better publish it.

The Hispanican said...

OK SOOOO your a big nerdy,computer geek dork helen!!!
I'm just full of compliments today!hehe


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