Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh My Buddhist Carlisle God...

I AM BORED!!!! Haha. That's the only statement to accurately describe my life as of now. I am BORED with Jane Eyre, doing laundry, cleaning, and SPANISH!!!!!

So now I'm in Contemporary Issues. I'm supposed to be researching Hillary Clinton, but I'm multitasking. Plus Hillary Clinton is boring.

Yesterday after lunch I went back to Contemporary Issues and was bored..Shocker. I totally skipped out on doing my alphabet thing in Spanish, but whatever. I hate that class and I'm pretty sure it hates me, too. My teacher is a perfect candidate for What Not To Wear, and I don't think I'd feel bad if I nominated her. That was mean. Oh well. There's a reason they call me Rosalie.

After school I hung out with Esme, Nichole, Cassie, Justin, Shaine, and Scott. They're sooo hardfreakingcore. I still miss Alice, though. I hate that she's transferred, I hope she's doing ok. I haven't talked to her since last Friday. [LAURA - CALL ME BETCH!! ILY!)

When I got home I was bored. I really really miss Paul. I'm allowed to get on to read the news and do school stuff, but its not the same. I haven't been on myspace in days, and that makes me sad. Speaking of myspace, my current event for this week is about the new safety measures that myspace will be implementing in the near future. Basically, people are getting sick of the stupid twelve year olds that post slutty pictures and their phone numbers being solicited by perverts. I think its absolutely ridiculous. You have to be a complete moron to be stalked by a perverts on myspace. Admittedly, I have stalked -er- someone on myspace, but that was totally different. I've been on myspace for like three years and I've never been solicited for sex by anyone but Scott. Haha. Just kidding. But for seriously, you have to be pretty blond to fall for that crap.

So now I'm in the library for lunch. There's a class in here again and it took me forever to find a computer that works. I'm at the same slow one that I was at yesterday, but whatever. At least I'm blogging.

Today has been pretty interesting so far. In English my teacher asked me if I was writing about Evangelical prostitutes. I wasn't. I wrote 'Evangelical protestantism' but my handwriting is terrible, so it looked like I wrote prostitutes. That was pretty hilarious. He asked this in the middle of some timed writing assignment that we were doing. We were writing about which one invention we would eliminate if given the opportunity. No one could come up with an idea, so he assigned us inventions to write about. I had to write about cars. My paper actually turned out pretty good, in my opinion. I hope my teacher likes it.

Oh yeah, just remembered, I'm stuck in Spanish for the rest of the semester. Gag me. I hate that class. Apparently my guidance counselor (who lived down the street from me when I was like three, oddly enough) was going to change my schedule so I could take Latin, but the principal wouldn't let her because I'd be too far behind. Oh well. I'll just suffer for the next four months, no big deal. Have I mentioned that I HATE Spanish? Gahhh.

So after English Rosalie and Bella went to Art. It was interesting today. I spent one third of the time working on my self-portrait, one third doing my Contemporary Issues homework, and one third watching my teacher completely undo all the -er- progress I had made on my portrait. I was almost done when I went to ask him how to do my nose -which kept turning out like, uhm, not a nose- and he ended up erasing almost everything, including the mouth that I actually liked. Whatever. I'll get over the great heartbreak somehow.

Activity period was like ubergay. We walked around the school twice and I tried to convince Kayla that it would be fun to give her ROTC instructor a nickname like Mr. Nazi or Colonel Communist. She didn't go for it. She said "Oh my Buddhist Carlisle God, NO!" Hence the title of today's blog. Pretty catchy, huh? Kind of long, though. Maybe I'll abbreviate. OMBCG. Tehe. I should start saying that on AIM (if I can ever get on AIM again) and seeing if people just pretend that they know what it is. Or, do what I do when I don't understand one of those obnoxious instant messenger abbreviations, and Google it. Haha. That would be interesting. Haha. I just Googled OMBCG. Nothing cool came up.

Speaking of my ultimate nerd tool...Yesterday after lunch I went back to Contemporary Issues and Googled 'Hillary Clinton Nerd' and my blog came up. That made me smile like nobody's business. Emily thinks I'm insane (which I think I've been forbidden to say that I'm insane) but I think I'm hardfreakingcore. But I may be a little biased.

Ok, I have like ten minutes left in here and I am determined to actually get to proofread this today, so I'm going to go. I was serious about the guest blogs. I want everyone to write one. Just write whatever you want and I'll post it on here. Email it to me at HelenEliseRose@gmail.com and I'll get it up ASAP. Alright, got to go guys. Peace, loves.



Bella said...

OMBCG!!!!!!!!! HELEN!!!!!!!!! gah im bore but ill see u in about 15 miutes to tell u all abut it love ya betch

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