Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Guest Blog by Shawn!

Ok, so SHAWN has been harassing me to mention him on here for weeks..And he finally got his wish. Enjoy.


Guest Blog by Shawn

Alright….lets see…..a guest blog…for someone who barely knows my name…and wont even mention it on her blog (which coincidentally im writing this for!)

This could be fun.

Well, I’m Shawn, and I am in English with coach rice 1st period. Along with Helen! I was kidding when I said I would write a guest blog yesterday, but today she asked me what I had written, so it seemed like a good idea (knowing Helen) to not argue and do as commanded. Hence this.

I despise typing, and my brain is dead tonight, so now is probably not the best time to type this, but w/e.

Now you’re starting to get anxious, and wondering if there will ever be any point to this blog.

Well maybe there is and maybe there isn’t, I haven’t decided on a subject yet, so im typing the first thoughts that come to my- SMURFS!!!!- mind.

O! I know! Ill take part of my AIM conversation with Helen when she thought I was a stalker!!! (no there is no good reason for why I saved it)

Here goes nothing….

SpunkyComics (7:32:35 PM): you run with vampires? does that have something to do with that edward guy....?:-D

"Helen" (7:32:43 PM): who is this?

SpunkyComics (7:32:51 PM): idk

SpunkyComics (7:33:11 PM): who is this?

"Helen" (7:33:19 PM): this is helen

SpunkyComics (7:33:26 PM): why is hi spelled with three I's?

"Helen" (7:33:40 PM): because it is. so i'm helen and you're messing with me...who is this?

SpunkyComics (7:33:46 PM): helen

SpunkyComics (7:33:52 PM): am i right?

"Helen" (7:34:03 PM): haha. you're not funny.

SpunkyComics (7:34:11 PM): so you think

SpunkyComics (7:34:24 PM): 8-)

"Helen" (7:34:25 PM): are you going to make me guess?

SpunkyComics (7:34:28 PM): sure

"Helen" (7:35:00 PM): cory? christian? shaine? shayne? eric? vincent?

SpunkyComics (7:35:06 PM): none of the above

SpunkyComics (7:35:15 PM): good guesses though

SpunkyComics (7:35:36 PM): is the Shaine you just mentioned the same Shaine as Shaine Gideon?

"Helen" (7:35:41 PM): yeah

SpunkyComics (7:35:45 PM): and say that four times fast

SpunkyComics (7:35:46 PM): ok

SpunkyComics (7:35:48 PM): just wonderin

"Helen" (7:36:04 PM): this a chick or a dude?

SpunkyComics (7:36:17 PM): hmmm....depends on who you ask, but as far as i know im a dude

"Helen" (7:36:32 PM): ok....santa clause?

"Helen" (7:36:44 PM): ben?

SpunkyComics (7:36:48 PM): O!!! he came to my house last night!

SpunkyComics (7:36:50 PM): not ben

SpunkyComics (7:36:52 PM): santa

"Helen" (7:37:03 PM): you're sooooooooooo ben.

SpunkyComics (7:37:10 PM): no, definitly not ben

SpunkyComics (7:37:14 PM): my cousin's name is ben

SpunkyComics (7:37:22 PM): but he got married, and i havent seen him since june

SpunkyComics (7:37:28 PM): i get to see him this weekend though!

SpunkyComics (7:37:38 PM): :-D

SpunkyComics (7:37:42 PM): aernt you excited?!?!

"Helen" (7:37:53 PM): sure..i'd be even more excited if you told me your name.

SpunkyComics (7:38:08 PM): jonny depp

SpunkyComics (7:38:15 PM): jhonny.....johnny

SpunkyComics (7:38:19 PM): something like that

"Helen" (7:38:24 PM): johnny

SpunkyComics (7:38:27 PM): thank you

"Helen" (7:38:41 PM): are you the asshole that hacked my account?

SpunkyComics (7:38:44 PM): no

"Helen" (7:38:52 PM): oh, just checking. lol.

SpunkyComics (7:38:53 PM): cause i have a feeling you are ready to murder him

"Helen" (7:38:56 PM): just about.

"Helen" (7:39:42 PM): i'll give you a cookie if you tell me who you are. you're obviously on my friends list, but i already guessed all of the guys that are online..

SpunkyComics (7:39:59 PM): wait, im not on your friends list...or...i dont think i am.....

"Helen" (7:40:06 PM): you read my bulletin

SpunkyComics (7:40:08 PM): o

SpunkyComics (7:40:09 PM): yeah

SpunkyComics (7:40:21 PM): i got the blog link from somebody i know.....

SpunkyComics (7:40:37 PM): and then found this aim address

SpunkyComics (7:40:51 PM): which i had typed in two days ago, but only with two I's instead of three

SpunkyComics (7:40:56 PM): hence my question

"Helen" (7:41:04 PM): hmm. ok. well i'm leaving if you don't tell me your name.

SpunkyComics (7:41:21 PM): ok....fine....leave me here all alone on the day after christmas......

SpunkyComics (7:41:27 PM): :'(

"Helen" (7:41:33 PM): i think you're vincent.

SpunkyComics (7:41:42 PM): no, although his canada shirt rocks!

"Helen" (7:41:59 PM): scott? matt? shawn? sean?

SpunkyComics (7:42:17 PM): maybe.....

SpunkyComics (7:42:53 PM): and i really dont think youd give me a cookie if i told you, cause you only gave me one in class.......:-(

"Helen" (7:42:58 PM): well i already know scott's AIM, matt would have told me, so i think you're shawn. because you obviously like messing me.

"Helen" (7:43:08 PM): i only gave everyone one.

SpunkyComics (7:43:16 PM): hahaha!! No but that shawn guy IS definitly quite a stud

"Helen" (7:43:22 PM): haha

"Helen" (7:43:26 PM): heyy shawn

SpunkyComics (7:43:48 PM): hi

"Helen" (7:43:58 PM): =D you freaked me out. i thought i had a stalker

SpunkyComics (7:44:32 PM): haha, my friend did that to me once, id never heard her bluff like that before, i even called her and she sounded convincing....

"Helen" (7:44:40 PM): is this some dirty underhanded ploy to get mentioned by name on my blog?

SpunkyComics (7:44:45 PM): YES!

"Helen" (7:45:14 PM): ha! well it didn't work! just for that i'm so NOT going to mention you my name. so stick *that* in your juicebox and suck it. =p

SpunkyComics (7:45:26 PM): im drinking eggnog.....

"Helen" (7:45:34 PM): lol

SpunkyComics (7:46:47 PM): how about if you mention me in passing, like you barely even know me and just kinda referenced me in some joke?

"Helen" (7:47:07 PM): well to be honest i didn't know your name until the last week of school

SpunkyComics (7:47:32 PM): i love you too

"Helen" (7:47:37 PM): =D i know

SpunkyComics (7:48:43 PM): is that a yes to the name thing....?

"Helen" (7:48:53 PM): no. you're not getting mentioned. =p

SpunkyComics (7:49:05 PM): grr.....fine......

"Helen" (7:49:11 PM): haha. i'll be right back..

SpunkyComics (7:49:29 PM): k....

"Helen" (7:51:35 PM): i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack! did you miss me?

SpunkyComics (7:51:52 PM): of course! I was almost to the suicidal point of lonliness!

"Helen" (7:51:57 PM): haha

"Helen" (7:52:49 PM): i assumed as much

SpunkyComics (7:53:07 PM): you assumed i was suicidal?

"Helen" (7:53:15 PM): no, i assumed you missed me

SpunkyComics (7:54:57 PM): my head hurts

"Helen" (7:55:02 PM): im sorry

SpunkyComics (7:58:13 PM): was christmas?

"Helen" (7:58:25 PM): awesome. hbu?

SpunkyComics (7:59:21 PM): great, i got most everything i wanted.....i think.....

"Helen" (7:59:47 PM): they don't make life sized storm troopers, shawn.

SpunkyComics (8:00:00 PM): your confusing me with matt again.....

"Helen" (8:00:11 PM): so you're not a dork?

SpunkyComics (8:00:29 PM): i prefer geek or nerd.

"Helen" (8:00:39 PM): oOo. ok.


Its Helen again. In my own defense, words like 'dork' 'nerd' and 'geek' aren't insults to me. They are compliments. Peace, loves.



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YEAH!!!! MY NAME!!!!

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