Wednesday, January 16, 2008


^New AIM abbreviation for "The Coolest Nerd You Know". =D

So, huge news, I GOT OUT OF SPANISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's excited? I'm sooo excited! Only downside is that I ended up dropping Art and Spanish and getting Graphic Communications and Floral Design. Both are down at Byington -which I have absolutely no experience navigating- and I'm not really a Floral Design person, but whatever. At least I'm out of Dragon Lady's Spanish class and Senior Pervert's Art. For seriously. I was in Art for a while before the guidance chick came to get us, and he tried to put his arm around me while I was asking him a question -which he does to all the girls- and I just walked away. I mean, even if he's totally innocent, which I kind of doubt, he's got to know that teachers are getting fired left and right for crap like that. He's insane, and I don't have to deal with him or his stupid class anymore. Yay!

I'm in Contemporary Issues now, which is like gay. I'm really starting to hate this class. Its boring and it seems to drag on forever. Gahh. Plus I'm stressed out. I have no idea how to find my fourth block class -the Floral Design class at Byington- and I'm sure I'll get lost, even though I got a map and specific instructions on how to get to the secretary who will help me when I get lost. Hopefully someone I know will be there..That would make it instantly better than Spanish. Oh crap. I just realized that I'm going to have to find time to return my Spanish book and workbook. Geez. I don't even have time to talk to my friends during the school day. The guidance counselor that changed my schedule said that I'm going to have an easy semester, but I highly doubt that. Oh well. I'll take flowers over Spanish any day.

This morning kicked butt. I hung out with Kayla mostly, and we saw Eric and Ben (who decided they needed to make a Helen sandwich) and Justin, Rhiannon, and some other peoples. We stayed outside -which was probably dumb- but Justin kept me warm. ( =] lol.) He's so cute. Then Cassie -not the Cassie I usually talk about- asked me to be Johannah in her adaptation of Sweeney Todd. I thought that was pretty much hardfreakingcore, but I had to turn her down because I can't sing soprano. I can sing, but I'm no Amy Lee. (Speaking of singing, I read this morning that Rent has been canceled after twelve years. Eric, Rhiannon, and I are heartbroken. Viva La Vie Boheme!)

English was supercool. Not really. We got some free reading time and just acted cool. We're good at that. We did notes on Jane Eyre, which sucked, but I got over it. I got really sick of the romance, though. Every time we took notes that were about Rochester professing his love for Jane and them getting engaged, ect. I wrote GAG! on my paper next to it. Bella found that amusing. I don't think anyone else would have, but no one else counts. Haha.

Art was like gay for the thirty minutes that we were in there before guidance came to get us. Kayla got her class changed, too. She's taking Career Management second block, so now we only have one class together. We'll have to find some other way to have our 'Pop-Tarts on our way to Art' date now. Whatever, we'll figure it out. We are supercool vampires, after all.

That's all for now. More later. Peace, loves.


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