Thursday, January 17, 2008


^^Happy 'Helen got out of Spanish' smiley.

Heyyyyyy everyone! What's up? Sorry yesterday's post was so short, I didn't come to the library during lunch, so I just posted what I got done during Contemporary Issues.

Yesterday during lunch I went and hung out with Justin in the commons. It was pretty cool, he's like really nice. (He's not here today, though. Total bummer.) Then I went back to Contemporary Issues and -er- worked on my Hillary Clinton project? lol. Mostly I just read and talked with Emily, Blaze, Kelly, and Chad.

After class I ran into Justin while I was looking at my new schedule and trying to figure out how to get to my next class. You know, the one in Siberia, aka Byington. He walked down there with me and showed me where to go, which was like really really really sweet considering the fact that he ended up being late to his class. I don't think it was too much of a big deal, though. He has Coach Creepy for Wellness, and I was late to that class like ten times and never got in trouble.

My Floral Design class was...Interesting. Needless to say, its a basically useless class, especially for someone who wants to be an Endocrinologist. (Yeah, that's my career of the month, just go with it.) At least it wasn't Spanish. We were supposed to go to the computer lab, but as soon as we got in there the server went down and the internet wouldn't work, so we went back to the classroom and watched Maury. No, I am not kidding. It was hilarious. The "most outrageous" (translation = craziest, skankiest, ect.) teen cases of 2007 were featured. All of them were 'miraculously' reformed. Haha. That's such bull. It was really insane. There was one chick on there that supposedly hooked up with a guy for a cheeseburger. And let me tell you, she did not look like she needed a cheeseburger. rofl. I was actually kind of surprised that anyone would want to be with her -or any of the other ugly fat chicks that were featured- like for seriously!!

After school was basically boring. I didn't have any homework, so I went to bed right after I was done with the dishes. It was supposedly going to snow last night, but, of course, it didn't. I was kind of bummed out, but mostly because I was already kind of bummed because for the first thirty minutes I was awake this morning I was convinced that today was Friday. Haha. I was in the shower and halfway through conditioning my hair when I realized its Thursday. I was like so not happy. At least I figured it out, though. It could have been like that episode of The Office where the nerdy guy thought it was Friday when it was really Thursday and everyone just kept it going to mess with him. Haha. That show is sooo hardfreakingcore. (This is an opinion I have formed after watching exactly two episodes, but whatever. It's still hardfreakingcore.)

This morning like sucked. English was boring, we finished taking notes on Jane Eyre and Coach Rice informed us that all of our summer reading work for the book -which I didn't do- is due tomorrow. Oh, joy. I'm going to be up all freaking night. I hate stupid Charlotte Bronte. She was obviously a very tortured woman.

Graphic Communications basically sucked. Not only was it freezing, -probably below freezing- but I don't know anyone in that class. And my teacher is like really weird, and its almost all guys in there, and it smells funny. Haha. We spent the whole class going over safety rules for the machines and stuff and my teacher kept going on and on about all the times that people he knew lost fingers in the machines. Ok, it was three stories about people that lost fingers, but still, it was creepy! Not to mention it was boring, too. Gahh. Oh well. Its better than Art, I suppose. Not that I totally hated art, I'm just not any good at it.

After that I came back to the main building and went to my homeroom during activity period. The Senior class is in desperate need for money for prom, so the whole school is doing this matchmaker fund raiser thing. Everyone has to take it, and then you pay two dollars for the results or something ridiculous like that. I'm pretty curious to see who I'm matched with, but also a little freaked out. I asked my teacher if I could use my nickname (Rosalie) instead of my real name, but she said I had to use my real name. I bet I'm matched up with someone I've already gone out with and dumped this year..That would be hilarious.

In Contemporary Issues we talked about current events and took notes on the Bill of Rights. Total snore fest. I never knew how boring the federal government is. I was practically falling asleep as I wrote.

Ok..I have no more highly interesting information for you today, so I guess I'll be going. Keep sending the guest blogs and stuff. Peace, loves.



Big E said...

ugh i need to blog but i just dnt have the time

Bells said...

okay so heres movies times and places unknkown right know go to fandango asap
for monday

27 dresses (no guys for this might be good lol)\
bucket list
one missed call (OOOHHHH!!!)
i am legend
alvin and the chipmunks

dollar movies
this christmas (ive seen it)
august rush (told my mom i saw it--snuck into hitman)

east towne
27 dresses
bucket list

west towne (probably best choice)
one missed call
i am legend
and the demon movie (we so could)

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