Saturday, January 26, 2008

Twilight Casting: Take Two

Heyy everyone. Hope you're having a good weekend so far. I have absolutely nothing interesting to write about, so I decided to update my Twilight casting decisions. I got some help from Kayla..We put most of it together on that day in English when we had to go to the library orientation. Boring much? Haha. Well enjoy, and leave comments!! Peace, loves.



Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan:

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen:

Jesse Spencer as Carlisle Cullen:

Jennifer Morrison as Esme Cullen:

Tom Felton as Jasper Hale:

Rachel Leigh Cook as Alice Cullen:

Trent Ford as Emmett Cullen:

Jayne Weisner as Rosalie Hale:


S-H-A-W-N spells _____?!!!!! said...

Just a little randomness here, but the rosalie girl's cute.

shawn.... said...

commenting again! Yea shawn!

Anonymous said...

jasper so sexy


Siti Aisyah said...

u should try someone that really really have VAMPIRE, MYHTICAL, MYSTERY, DARK FIGURE looks. But, in my opinion, peter facinelli should be carlisle cullen.

Anonymous said...

Umm.. I think Jesse Spencer is cute and all... But Peter Facinelli (the guy who is playing Carlisle now) actually fits it better... I TOTALLY agree with Siti Aisayah. Srry im responding sooooo late!

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