Wednesday, April 9, 2008


"Is there anybody going to listen to my story
All about the girl who came to stay?
She's the kind of girl you want so much
It makes you sorry
Still you don't regret a single day..."

-The Beatles, "Girl"

I was thinking about that song today. Its kind of depressing, because it kind of makes me think of Across the Universe, which is like uber depressing. Blarggggggg. I'm in another emo funk. I should be doing something productive with my emoness, like working on my EMOEDWARD story, but I just don't feel like it. Plus I'm in Floral Design and I'm supposed to be planning a fake wedding, and I think my teacher would notice if I just got out my story and started writing. Maan, I wish I had Visual Communications with Rhiannon and Miranda instead of this stupid class. We never do anything in here.

Have I mentioned that I hate all of my classes? 'Cause its true. In English that stupid Anarchist asswipe Krebs won't stop bothering me, people keep trying to get me stoned in Graphic Communications, my Contemporary Issues teacher is a moron, and we never do anything in Floral Design. Blargggggggg.

Gahh. Contemporary Issues. I really hate that class. My teacher is an idiot. All she does is complain about her pathetic lack of a love life, which I really don't want to hear about. And she thinks that Hong Kong is in Japan. (Haha..That reminds me, Kaila thinks that Japan isn't an island. I guess there are just a lot of misconceptions about Japan.) Today was pretty neat, though. First she was complaining because that pregnant transgender chick/dude could find someone to marry and have babies with and she can't. Then, she was talking about going somewhere tonight. She was like "I have something to do tonight." and this one guy was like "WHO??". Bwahahahaha. I lovededed it. (He didn't mean it like that, though, which kind of took some of the fun out of it.)

Blarg. I don't know what else to talk about. Someone leave me some suggestions in the comments. I would go, but I have about twenty minutes left in class and I really don't want to randomly browse the internet for twenty minutes. There's some scary stuff out there. So I'll just babble on about nothing. Enjoy.

-Esme says "No clapping. Ever."
-Gilmore Girls is hardfreakingcore to the extreme. 15% of my and Bella's daily conversations consist of Gilmore Girls quotes.
-I went shopping with Alice on Sunday. It was supercool.
-I am the walrus.
-I think I'm going to have a tea party for my birthday.
-I finally got some flip flops that don't totally kill my feet.
-In my imaginary wedding that I'm planning, I'm marrying Emmett. ^_^
-I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus's garden with you!!
-Actually, I'd like to be at Starbucks drinking something really really unhealthy.
-Must. Have. Coffee. Blarg.
-The clock in here is stuck on 5:39 and the second hand keeps moving back and forth between 32 and 33. Its like 44 pi magic or something.
-I want some lime/neon green nail polish.
-The yellow nail polish makes my nails look infected, but I still love it.
-Right now, I'm wearing a pink glitter nail polish called 'Princesses Rule'.
-Princesses really do rule.
-We all live in a yellow submarine.
-Ten more minutes!!
-I really want some cookies. I might make some when I get home.
-I have an out of state reader. I'm shocked to the max. Hi, Kansas!!! =D
-Laura sent me a Jasper/Bella & Edward/Alice slash story. I'm too scared to read it.
-She also sent me one about Rosalie and Emmett going to Sex Addicts Anonymous.
-Laura spends too much time online.
-U2 rocks my socks.
-Oprah is a cult.
-Newspaper taxis appear on the shore, waiting to take you away..
-My toes must really hate me right now.
-Seven minutes.
-Floral Design is boring.
-The Colbert Report will never be the same..
-Sorry, Esme. I had to.
-Please don't go all Volturi on my ass.
-I have a huge English test tomorrow.
-I want purple streaks in my hair.
-Five minutes.
-My bathroom smells like pineapples.
-Caius hates Spongebob. Caius must be exiled.
-When all the broken hearted people living in this world agree, there will be an answer: let it be.

Three minutes. Peace, loves.



Rexpennae said...

Hi, Helen,
Wow, I got mentioned fast.
your random thoughts follow some semblence of a followable thread. And your classes sound to me like they really suck, I could never make it anywhere in Floral Design, and it sounds like your teachers need to learn how to teach, and stop talking about their lives to the students.

And I wonder if I could get you to read my stories?

Esme (no clapping) said...

[i hate you. just kidding]

Rexpennae said...

You'll be getting more hits from Kansas, or so I hope, I've joined your promotion campain by putting your link on my blog.

Kayy said...

Helen, how can u ruin the Colbert Report like that!
No clappin!

and make edwardgasm cookies for tomorrow~ we need to be cookienerds!
and speaking of cookienerds, Shawn hasnt posted on here yet. hmm,.....

Cookies tomorrow! said...

i had nothing to post my opinion i didnt get half the stuff in this blog (like the colbert report part...)
however...tomorrow is friday. And i shall be buying school cookies while eating edwardgasm cookies, and all will be well....

Happy happy happy shawn....

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