Friday, April 4, 2008


Ok..I don't really want to post anything, but Kayla and Shawn won't stop bitching, so here you go. Be advised, though, I'm a weirdo mixture of sleepy, PMS-y, bored, and grumpy, so this may very well be one really long emo rant. Enjoy.

I finished chapter two of my New Moon story and sent it off to my fantabulous beta, Esme, last night. Its like EMOEDWARD extreme. I lovee it. Its kind of creepy, but I can only write depressing fan fictions. All of my Gilmore Girls and SVU stories are filled with morbidness, and now I'm writing a 'New Moon from Edward's POV' story, so, of course, that's gonna be some serious emoness. Honestly, I think that my morbid stories are one more "SCREW YOU" to the stupid Malibu Barbie guidance counselors at WVMS. I hate those evil plastic freaks..

Speaking of emoness and bitchiness, has anyone noticed that I'm an emo bitch? Honestly, until today I knew I was kind of bitchy, but I didn't really think I was emo, but apparently I'm both morphed together to be one super EMOBITCH. Like seven people told me today that I'm a bitch, and people have been telling me I'm emo for, like, ever, but I never believed them. I mean, I shop at Hollister for God's sake!!! I really hate it when people call me emo. And I really really hate it when people say that being a nerd is a bad thing. Excuse you. The nerds are going to be your bosses one day. Bill Gates, anyone?

I hate Graphic Communications. I'm the only Freshman in there, and it sucks. Not only do I get bothered for that, but I also have to sit and listen to the Seniors bitch about their cars and sports, or listen to the stoners talk about how messed up they were or whatever. And I can't just read, because then someone asks me why I'm always reading or whatever. Gahh. And the stoners keep trying to get me to get high. This one guy said he'd give me free hydros just to see my high. WTF?? I hate people.

I really really hate Logan. He acts like a three year old and I can't stand him. We're not friends anymore, if anyone cares. Today he completely freaked me out. We were at lunch and he was all quiet and stuff, then he started like totally going off on Josh. I was like totally convinced that he was going to pull a gun on us at any moment. I left and went to the library. Then Andrew texted me and told me that he was just kidding. I don't believe that. He's insane. He needs therapy and probably pills.

Ugh. Andrew. And Josh. And Toasty. All those loserfaces -and some others- are graduating and leaving me alone with Logan in like..A month. That's gonna suckkkkkkkkkkk. Next year is going to suck altogether. 90% of my friends are getting shipped off to Hardin Valley, 5% are graduating, and the other five are staying here. Gahh. Stupid Hardin Valley. I hate it muchly.

Ugh. The other day my Graphic Communications teacher did that really really really stupid and degrading "If you ever need any help, I'll help you" thing. I jokingly called Logan my stalker, and he got all serious and stuff. UGH! I hate it when people do that. It gives the impression that they think I'm a stupid weak little girl and I can't take care of myself. I can take care of myself. Damn. If I actually had a stalker, don't you think I'd actually tell someone? I liked you better when you were telling us about your epic night in jail, you loser.

I've noticed that I always like steal peoples' phrases or something -like losernoodle, for example- and use them too much and make them uncool. I'm such a loser. Blarg. I'm such an uncool Freshman loser. And I look totally gross because my medicine made me gain like seventy bagillion pounds. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I think I'm going to start kickboxing. Mostly because I need to do something to exercise and stuff, and kind of because there are a couple jerks that I would like the opportunity to hit. Krebs punched me like really hard in English today because he's a stupid Anarchist asswipe and I want to break his nose. I hope he gets a billion papercuts all over his body and has to jump in a pool of alcohol.

I'm starting to really hate all of my classes. Only like six more weeks of school. w00t! I can't wait until summer, I don't want to deal with school drama anymore. I have to get a job, though, because there's no way I'm going to be sitting around doing nothing all summer. Ugh. I don't want to get a job. I want to do something cool like watch every episode of Southpark ever made or something. That would be so much cooler than getting a job.

Ok. I think I need to stop ranting now. I hope you enjoyed this pathetic little update.



friday is cookie day! said...

Woah! Now that was emo!!!

(and i thought krebs punching you was kinda funny... :p)

thx for the extremely pessimistic update....

Kayy said...

haha yup only a couple more weeks of school.
then Brusters!
oh and my mom said if we get hte job shell drive u the times we work same shift.


bring cookies to school! said...

wow, i was reprimanded for complaining about the emoness today....

Evidently i cant comment negatively on something i request....

Kansas said...

No, that's kind of rude, you aked for it, and what you get is what you get. That aside, interesting, sounds kind of like me, minus the whole you go to school every day thing. You really need to find something to do, try writng more stories, or finding a project to work on.

Kayy said...

dude, who's kansas? i know the cookienerd over there is Shawn but whos Kansas?
Kansas, good buddy, who ARE you?

Rexpennae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rexpennae said...

I'm a writer from Kansas, I found this blog several months back, as I said before, and enjoy reading about a life far removed from mine.
But, I am Kansas.

Helen..Blogmaster Supreme who isn't logged in because she's at school said...

Heyyy, Kansas. I had no idea I had out of state readers [though I probably will next year since all of my friends are leaving me for stupid college..] Question..How did you happen to stumble upon my blog? Is my myspace advertising just that effective? Haha.


Rexpennae said...

I don't have a myspace, and only just got Facebook, no, I was bored a couple of months ago and went browsing bloggers who listed Taylor Swift amoung their favorite music, kind of odd, I know, but I'm kind of odd, so it fits.
You've got a nice blog, I've thought about emulating it, but mine would be sooo much more spaced between posts than yours, so I just stick to posting stories on mine.


NOT a nerd! (kayy....) said...

Woah, kansas dude! I read your blogger profile and was shocked to see your interests! i too make movies, write, and love to hunt! But i was most happy to see the part about you getting new ideas and dropping the old ones. That happens to me almost every time!

Happy Happy!!!

Rexpennae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rexpennae said...

Well, did you venture on over to the blog titled "Rexpennae"? That's the resting place for my stories, or at least some of them.
And what do you hunt, and where can I read what you have written, before you drop off for a new Idea.

Kayy said...

i didnt mean u were a nerd nerd just a cookienerd. trusdt me its a comliment! and YAY!!! helens got out of state readers! so kansas, u should visit my blog its kinda like helens


Rexpennae said...

I have visited before, today in fact. You might think about getting one to post what you write, that's what I did, and my friends really enjoy it.

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