Saturday, May 10, 2008

American Idiot

I love foreign music. British music is pretty much a given with The Beatles and Muse. Not to mention other foreign bands like The Veronicas. But I had no idea how cool German music was. Like last week Emily (diva Emily, not stupid Emily) and I were in Contemporary Issues and she's all "You absolutely have to check out this band, Tokio Hotel!" So I did. First I listened to the stuff in English on their myspace, which was pretty good, but its nothing compared to their German stuff. Haha. I sound so completely dorkmuffinish right now, but whatever. Its my blog, I get to be a dorkmuffin.

I'm really starting to hate American music. Granted, there are some really great bands out there, such as Paramore and older 60's-80's bands, but for the most part, popular music in the US is just vulgar and stupid. I think American musicians should try to be more like foreign bands. Actually, I think that America in general should look to more established nations for inspiration. America is supposed to be this huge melting pot of nationalities and cultures, so why can't we take the good things from other countries' governments or whatever and make ours even better? Maybe we should rearrange our government a little bit and take a while to stop and think about why the rest of the world hates us. I think it might be because the rest of the world sees us as the country that thinks its the coolest thing ever, but its really not. Like a stupid freshman, so to speak. Which I guess makes sense, because the country is very young compared to others. I don't know. I just think if everyone just stopped acting like a stupid freshman, everything would be a lot easier for everyone.

Every time I try to talk to my parents about ideas like that, I get the same response. My mother gives me a look that clearly says "How dare you? This is the greatest country in the world and you are so lucky to live here. I can't even speak to you because I'm so deeply offended." And my dad lectures me about how our country is in so much debt because we spend so much money with foreign aid. Well that's all swell, but what if one day a country to whom we owe a truckload of money decides that they're tired of waiting and they're going to attack us or something?

And what about problems like the housing crisis? Stuff like that wouldn't be happening so much if limitations were put on credit card companies and banks that made people meet certain criteria to get loans and stuff. But no. Its a free country, so we're not going to restrict anyone. We're going to let people be free to destroy their lives, even if it hurts the country as well. Maybe we need more restrictions. I'm not suggesting becoming a communist nation or anything, but everyone needs some kind of restrictions. You now that in China you can be arrested for bringing disgrace to the country? This very blog could get me arrested in China. People here don't know that kind of respect. There is certainly patriotism and pride, but there isn't necessarily respect. People don't respect themselves, they choose to be promiscuous and ignorant and inappropriate, and they don't even realize that they are a representation of America.

I just don't understand some things like that. Maybe I'm not meant do understand it. Maybe no one does. But maybe someone does. Maybe someone knows how to fix everything that's wrong with this country, but they are being silenced because because their realizations might get in the way of profit. This country really needs to get its priorities in order, or we will be eaten by Canada or something.

Ok. That's my two cents. Peace, loves.


PS- Daddy, this whole political-ish rant is my retaliation for turning my birthday into a political debate with Grandpa. Not cool, man. Next year, one of you isn't invited. Mk?

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Rexpennae said...

The reason everyone hates america is because we are here to spread the word of freedom. If you look around you'll see that the factions that hate us are looking to, or are already, control most of life.

Seriously, I like to talk about this kind of thing, ask me about it sometime, ask me your questions, and I'll talk to you about them.


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