Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attack of the EMOEDWARD!!!!!

I feel very productive right now. EmoEdward has five chapters up, which doesn't really sound like a lot, but considering the fact that I have to get into a really horrible mood and be pissy for like two days to write one chapter, its a lot. Haha. I'm like the weirdest writer ever. I really want to be a writer, like do it for a living when I get older, but I'm not nearly committed enough and I'm not really confident that my writing is good enough. I love doing fan fiction, though. The only problem is that those stories are never truly mine, I'm always sharing the spotlight with the author of the book I'm writing about or the creator of the show I'm writing about. My stories are pretty good -or at least they're starting to be- but ultimately, they're pretty much useless. Blarg.

So you be the judge go read my EMO Edward story and tell me what you think.

Here's some background information. (Mostly for Kansas's sake, because Kayla and Rhiannon have heard me talk about this for months and I doubt Shawn or Dad will actually read Twilight just to read my fan fiction, and no one else reads my blog.) The story begins at the breakup scene in New Moon, and it is completely Edward's point of view. The story will progress through the entirety of New Moon, telling Edward's part of the story.

Ok..That's it for now. Mom's kicking me off. Peace, loves.


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