Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Everybody, Throw Up Your Hands..

"...Say I don't want to be in love
I don't want to be in love..."

Good Charlotte, "I Don't Want To Be In Love"

So, yesterday was a complete and utter failure. I forgot to blog because I was totally wiped out, I totally pigged out when I got home, I swore like ten times, I whined like all day about how tired I was, I was mean (but it was just Logan, so it shouldn't count. Haha.) And I didn't do anything truly productive. I did, however, write like a page -and a very funny page, at that- in one of my stories.

Yeah, one of my stories. I'm currently working on four, but I'm wayyy too ADD to work on one nonstop until its completed, so I just write according to my mood. I'm currently writing two superemo ones and two really funny ones, so if I'm in a good mood I work on "The Death of Mike Newton" or "Pageant Perfect", but if I'm all emofied I work on "The End" or "Metamorphosis". I have an idea brewing for another one, but IDK if it'll ever happen. It probably will, though. I'm going to have a lottt of free time this summer.

We took the EOC (end of course test) in English yesterday. It was like really easy, but English has always been really easy for me. Caius didn't give us the test, though, so it was totally boring. Some preppy teacher chick came in to administer the test and she spoke to us like we were babies. If she hadn't told us she was an English teacher I would have thought she was a special education teacher. She kept telling us stuff and going "OK, true or false? you can do blahblahblah." It was retarded.

Ok, children, true or false? Helen has to go now because Renee needs the computer. TRUE! Dingdingding! We have a winner. Your prize is...........You get to comment on this superawesome blog. Yayness!

Haha. I'll try to blog again tonight. Peace, loves.


Oops! I almost forgot again. I'm going to start doing a new thing on here where I go on my computer and find three random pictures and post them on here. Why? Because I can. Enjoy.

Random Picture #1 - James E. Hale
^An actual dude in my neighborhood.

Random Picture #2 - Twilight Tulip
^My current cell phone wallpaper.

Random Picture #3 - Phucket
^Helen and Kayla's roadtrip: Forks --> Italy --> Austrailia --> Phucket!!


Kayy said...

lets go to Phucket.
sounds like fun

Rexpennae said...

Wow, I came to comment and found the new format, very nice, very nice.

You'll make it on your goals, and good for writing.

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