Sunday, May 4, 2008

Time For a New World Order

As a part of my fundamental change in the methodology I use to conduct my life, I have vowed to myself that I will blog every day. So you're going to be seeing a lot more of me. Man, do I feel sorry for you. Haha.

Yeah, my fundamental change in the methodology I use to conduct my life. I have been informed by my father that if I plan on driving, I have to totally change basically everything he doesn't like about me. Well, kind of. He basically expects me to grow up and be all adult-like and capable of being in his presence without ticking him off. I'm not all that into the whole growing up overnight thing, but I do want to learn to drive, and I suppose it will be easier for him to teach me if he's not constantly fed up with my obnoxious teenage antics. So here's my plan for reformation:

1. Stop complaining
(I'm really working on it. Doesn't count when I'm blogging, though. Blogs were invented so people could vent to complete strangers about the pathetic dramas of their pathetic lives.)

2. Do homework at school
(Because I basically have two free periods a day that I spend goofing off and reading when I could be freeing my afternoon to goof off and read when I get home.)

3. Be kind to everyone
(Because lets face it, I go out of my way to be a mean pain in the butt. That must stop. Lets hope its just a stupid freshman thing.)

4. Stop swearing
(Because my mother is about to take my head off. Plus I don't want to be responsible for corrupting my little brothers. Let society do that.)

5. Self-control/Set goals
(Basically, stop eating like a pig and find a way to make myself happy about myself without making myself crazy and/or sick. Guess that applies to controlling what I say, also. And set goals to better my life. Don't exactly know why these two are together, but whatever.)

6. Blog every day
(That one's just to torture my readers. Bwahaha. Just kidding. Mostly because I'm usually doing stupid stuff when I could be blogging, which is somewhat productive. Plus I need to vent to someone other than Renee, Esme, and Bella. I think they're about ready to kill me.)

7. Clean room and bathroom every day
(Because you can't see the floor in my room or the counter in my bathroom by the weekend, or whenever I get around to cleaning.)

8. Walk dog every day
(Because I don't get nearly enough exercise and I refuse to go bathing suit shopping until I get rid of my cankles.)

9. Be assertive
(This one doesn't really need an explanation. I'm a pushover and it needs to stop.)

10. Volunteer at church
(Because all I do is show up every Wednesday and goof off. I should do something other than grace them with my presence. I'm thinking of seeing if I can work with the Sunday school or something.)

11. One and a half hours online a day
(Yeah, that's not gonna happen. I don't know what came over me.)

12. Set aside time for writing
(Because I'm really terrible at updating my stories and a bunch of crazy Twilight fans probably want to jump on me until I update. Plus if I ever want to get around to being a professional writer, I'm going to have to suck it up and designate time to write, which means for about an hour every day I'm going to be in a really emo mood. Don't try to get me out of it or I'll borrow Felix from Caius and he shall kill you.)

13. No more TMI
(Stop spilling every detail about my life to anyone that will hear it. Its just dumb. Plus, that's what I have a blog for. There is no such thing as TMI on here.)

14. Stop being so materialistic
(I can collect things my whole life, but they don't really mean anything. They're things, and they can be lost in a second. Focus on making a lasting impression on people and doing good. Because in the end, I'll be remembered for what I did, not what I had.)

Good plan, huh? I hope I can do it.

So..What's going on in my life? Ooh, Rhiannon and I are killing Mike Newton. It shall be spectacular. Well, we're writing a fan fiction in which Emmett, Rosalie, and Esme kill Mike Newton because Rosalie wears a really short skirt. Haha. I know that makes absolutely no sense, but it will later on. I'll post the link to it when we get it up. I think I want to finish the whole thing, like all the chapters, before I start posting, though. That way there's no way I'll give up mid-project and make people want to jump on my head. Tehe. I just realized that I've never posted the link to my stories on here. In case anyone wants it, here it is:

Very clever pen name, huh?

Not too much is really going other than that. We're reading Romeo and Juliet in English and its depressing and very very dirty and confusing. School is superlame. Only seventeen days left!! And only thirteen and a half as actual school days! w00t! Plus two are final days where we can go home after the tests. Wow. I can't wait for summer. I have to get a job though. Blarg. I'm thinking it'll probably be the Kroger's on Clinton Highway, or something else up there. Blarggggg. Whatever. At least I'll have something to do.

Ok...I'm going to do something unproductive and ultimately unimportant. Peace, loves.



Rexpennae said...

Sounds like a good plan, I did something like that this year, but I didn't plan to.


Kayy said...

yay for the plan...
i think ima make a plan like that eventually..............

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