Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shawn & Kansas

Shawn - Bite me. I updated like last week..Right before the super freaky finals review and stuff set in at school.

Kansas - I'm over the freaking moon that you are hooked on Twilight. That made my whole day. Haha. You can find the personality test here. I'm going to get back to posting probably this afternoon. There's been a ton of stuff going on, but I'm still recovering from school. Haha. Here's a preview:

-School's out!!
-I got my permit!!
-Indiana Jones at midnight
-New Twilight fan fictions
-Updated The End

Mk...That's about it. I promise there will be an update soon.



Rexpennae said...

HA ha, I was at Indiana JOnes at midnight too, only, I think your midninght is my 11pm, so you saw it before I did.

Why does cookies mean shawn??? said...

Bite me? Like a vampire!?!...ewww...

I saw Indiana Jones at 11PM!!! So Ha!!!! (thursday night...but still...)

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