Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Usted Es Mi Obsesión

"A donde tu vas, te sigo.
y sólo por ti, yo vivo.
Eres mi obsesión, eres mi obsesión.
es por amor que estoy perdido en ti.

Tú tienes el control de todo mi interior,
y extraño hasta el silencio que hay en tu voz,
si vivir así ya no tiene fin,
no puedo más escuchame esta vez..."

Diego Gonzales, - 'Perdido en Ti'

I love that song. I wish I understood it. Haha. I looked up the lyrics and its basically about an Edward/Bella type love situation. Pretty cool, huh? Every week, iTunes puts out like ten new songs that you can download for free, usually all of them suck, but this week I got three of them. That was the first, and there's another called 'Two Times' by The Blakes. The other one was superweird. It was called 'When The President Talks To God' and it freaked me out. Haha. I deleted that one.

Today was total lameness. Tomorrow will be cool, though. All of our classes are only an hour long because we're doing yearbook signing during fourth period. I'm not exactly looking forward to it, because there will undoubtedly be a picture of me somewhere that looks absolutely hideous. That always happens. Whatever. At least I only have to listen to Ms. Beichler whine about her social life for an hour.

So, in case you haven't heard, I hate dogs. I really don't understand people that love them. Its a smelly animal that runs away and eats poop and scratches its butt by biting it. What's so cool about that? I hate dogs. My dog is especially annoying.

I am SO mad at two people right now. One because she's become this crazy hippie freak just because her new best friend is, and she says things that make her sound SO stupid and SO conceited, like she thinks she's above everyone else because of her stereotype. How pathetic is that? And she is such a hypocrite. I know people grow and evolve and stuff, but this is just ridiculous. She's not being herself, she's being who someone else wants her to be and its just stupid. The other one is stupid and shallow and thinks WAY too highly of herself. She thinks that she is the coolest thing ever and she's just not. She's annoying and shallow and petty and she is really getting on my nerves. Ugh. I hate people. Rhiannon, do you want to go build a bomb shelter and fill it with pizza and candy and junk and just wait out this stupid teenage thing? Might be kinda fun and ultimately less permanently-scarring than this whole high school experience thing.

Hmm..Nothing else is really going on. I absolutely can't wait until summer vacation. I am sick of this stupid repetitive routine. Every day is the same.

Go to English, have a great time but be unable to recall what exactly was so funny.

Go to Graphic Communications, write/read, try to make myself invisible and smile and nod when the stoners start talking to me.

Go to Contemporary Issues, listen to some big conceited black dude talk about how cool he thinks he is, listen to the teacher talk, fall asleep.

Go to lunch, remind everyone how much I hate them, listen to them talk about video games.

Go to Floral Design, say something stupid, have a great time watching seniors entertain themselves with coloring books, worry about the future of the world.

For seriously. Everything has just gotten so boring. I have got to do something fun this summer or I might go crazy.

I'm going to go try to study for five minutes then give up and go to sleep. Yes, it is 8:03, but I'm totally exhausted from my long day of nothingness. Peace, loves.


Ooh yeah. I'm still working on remodeling the page. I took out the bio's and added some links and Myspace-type information. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see on here. =]

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