Monday, February 4, 2008


Greetings, loyal subjects. Have you missed me? I'm sure you have. Its been a while. I think I lied to you. I said that I was running out of bubbly things to talk about, and that's not entirely true. Lots of interesting things have been going on, but I lost my mojo for a while, and I kept forgetting them, and when I did remember, I was unable to describe them as amazingly as I had previously been able to. Its really weird, actually, but I'm going to try to make it work again.

So here's what's been going on lately:

Coach Creepy got arrested. No, I am definitely not kidding. Can anyone guess what it was for? Anyone? Anyone? There were lots of rumors going around - very interesting rumors, I might add - before it was in the newspaper last week. The real story is that he has been suspended pending investigation of allegations of sexual harassment on a staff member. Uhm, ok, is anyone shocked? I'm not. He was a total creepaziod [ha! New word!!] when I was in his class last semester. I'm just glad he didn't do anything to a student. But between you and me, I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

Hmm..What else...Oh. Josh has the flu. Its truly pitiful, because he's been sick with a fever and a rash since Friday, but also kind of -and 'kind of' meaning 'the tiniest bit because it really is pitiful'- funny because this morning his face was really swollen and he looked Asian. Mom keeps wanting to take pictures, which I think is mean. I told her if she does I'm going to take pictures next time she's sick and post them on here. So, stay tuned. =pp

Oh yeah, Friday. I didn't go to school because I was like sick and exhausted. It was like totally weird. Two weeks ago I had the hardest time falling asleep for a few nights, and then I was fine, and then I ended up sleeping for like 10 hours a night because I was so tired. It really sucked. The whole ordeal pushed me to do something truly dreadful: I have given up caffeine. No joke. Its been almost a week since I last had coffee, and it actually isn't that bad. Mom got me decaf tea, which doesn't suck, so I drink that in the mornings instead. It turns out that caffeine isn't like fat, carbs, and sodium; it doesn't make things taste good. Therefore, it actually is possible to go without it.

ADD Sidenote: The computer desks in the library are like really uncomfortable and I have red marks on my wrists from where they're pressed up against the desk. I hope no one accuses me of being an emo kid..Ask Alice what happens to us when we're emo kids. =pp

I got my hair done on Saturday. Its superhardfreakingcore. [w00t! Another new word!] I absolutely love it. Its shorter with layers, and bangs. I got it dyed darkish brown, and it is perfect!! I'll put up a picture on here soon, or you can just check out my myspace. I put up a ton of new pics.

What else....Nahh. I got nothing. I suppose I'll leave you for now. Talk to you later. Peace, loves.



Bella said...

haha poor Josh
hope he gets better.
love ur hair, have a told u that lately? haha

love ya

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