Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Yellow Submarine

Welcome, children, to Helen's Yellow Submarine. Let the musical education commence.
Lesson #1: The Beatles = BuddhistCarlisleGod AMAZING. End of story.
Lesson #2: Just say no to Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, & Hillary Duff.
Lesson #3: All boy bands are Hufflepuffs. 'Nuff said.

Don't you just hate it when your frosting won't get hard? For seriously, its the suckiest thing ever. I made cookies for Rhiannon and Jeff today, and the frosting won't get hard, which really sucks because I have no idea how I'll get them to school tomorrow without making a huge mess. You might be thinking to yourself "Why is this crazy blogger chick randomly making cookies for people?" Well, dear reader, there are three reasons. 1. I like making cookies for people because it makes them happy and I love making people happy. 2. Today Jeff randomly wanted cookies with orange frosting, but I don't do orange for obvious reasons, so he asked for pink. And 3. Esme has abandonment issues because I left school early today, so I'm making her cookies to assure her that I still love her. Its actually kind of funny, because yesterday I had abandonment issues because she accidentally -or possibly on purpose just to hurt my very fragile feelings- forgot me after third block when we were going to Byington. She came back for me, though. I suppose she really is a good vampire mommy after all.

The Hufflepuff thing, just another one of my genius creations. You see, this weekend there was a Harry Potter movie marathon on ABC Family, and we were watching it on and off all weekend. At some point, I decided I felt really bad for the possible one or two Slytherins that weren't completely evil, and were just put in Slytherin because of their family or something. Then I moved on to say that I truly believe that all Hufflepuffs are gay. I think that's going to be the next 'hardfreakingcore'. I mean, Hufflepuff just kind of sounds gay, don't you think?

I have decided that I really need to get a job, because I never do anything. For the past like three weekends I've just sat at home and done nothing, and I really hate it. Like the only places I could work would be Ingles, Kroger, or Bruster's. I guess Bruster's wouldn't be too terrible, but I definitely don't want to work at Ingles because I'd inevitably run into people I know -and some I don't like- often, and I wouldn't enjoy that too much. I don't want to get a job, but I have no other possible solution for this boredom/brokeness situation I'm in. The people I babysit for like never call me anymore, so I have no money for useless junk that my parents won't buy me.

My ideal job would be like a full-time babysitting thing in the summer, like I did two summers ago for a few weeks, minus the harshness. That was totally brutal. I went over there at like eight in the morning, stayed until like seven in the evening for two weeks, and I ended up getting paid a lousy $120, less than a dollar an hour. And the kids were total brats, too. I will neverrr do that again, but they moved to Cleveland, so there's no chance of that happening. I wouldn't mind babysitting for a few hours a day in the summer while the parents are at work or whatever. I'm actually good at that, and kids love me for some reason. Mom said that I'd get stressed out and end up hating it, which is probably true, but little kids are easier to deal with than big people.

All I know is that I absolutely have to do something this summer. Mom said that if I don't get Driver's Ed at school (I signed up, but its a lottery class so I have like no chance of getting it since so many people will sign up) I can take it over the summer, so that'll be something. And once I get my permit -if I get my permit- I get to like actually practice and stuff, but other than that, all I'm planning to do is make my myspace as hardfreakingcore as humanly possible, get a great tan, and have a superkickass Breaking Dawn release party. Gahh. I am the most boring person like ever.

I was in the worst mood ever yesterday. When I was in Graphic Communications I found out that I slept with all of the seniors on the football team, Clarke, and Shayne. That was fun. After assuring everyone that I haven't hooked up with anyone -and won't "until the end", in Esme's words- I was like completely emo and pissed off the rest of the day. I was still pissed and upset, not to mention sick, this morning, so I went home after second block. English was absolutely unbearable, because I'm not exactly good at hiding my emotions, so everyone knew I was mad, and they wouldn't leave me alone. Plus we were watching The Education of Little Tree, and everyone was a hick and it gave me terrible RoanefreakingCounty flashbacks. Not cool, man.

Two more things before I go:
1. My nails are like really really shiny and pretty right now because I just filed and painted them. Its amazinggg. I want to paint them bright yellow -because yellow is really in but it looks horrible on me- but Mom thinks it'd look stupid. I don't really think so, but I guess we'll have to experiment. Someone bring me some bright yellow nail polish and we'll find out.
2. Darnit..I forgot #2. I'll just make something up..Uhh. I really hate it when I forget things, it makes me feel like I should be doing something important, but I have no idea what it is. I need a Rememberall. Oooh, I've got something: I love strawberries!!! Strawberry fields forever...

Mmkay, Dad's kicking me off, so I guess I'd rather wrap this up. I'll talk to you later and let you know if my frosting got hard. lol. Peace, loves.



The kid from english....yeah...thats me said...

You sure the cookies arent for me?....cause i really think that somewhere, deep down in your heart, you feel kind enough to give them to that retarded kid from english class... (who definitly noticed your PO'ed mood today and decided it better not to talk....)

Bella said...

dude yellow submarine is a stoner song--they were all stoed outta their effin mind when they recorded it

Rhiannon said...

wow. i feel mentioned.
those cookies were hardfreaking core.
we both have abandonment issues...

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